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Slovak “Decent Life” Protesters Burn EU Flag

Categories: Eastern & Central Europe, Slovakia, Ethnicity & Race, Freedom of Speech, Governance, International Relations, Law, Protest

About 100 people took part in a follow-up “Together for a Decent and Safe Life” protest [1] [sk, images, videos], co-organized by Oskar Dobrovodský, in Bratislava on Nov. 10 (more about Dobrovodský's case and the previous, Oct. 13, rally is here [2]). After the protesters burned the EU flag, police detained two of them.

On his blog, lawyer Ivan Novoroľník linked [3] [sk] to a video [4] of the EU flag burning (after 0:30) and questioned the legality of the response by the police, noting, among other things, that since the EU wasn't a state, burning its flag was similar to, say, burning a flag of a football team.

The next protest is scheduled [5] [sk] to take place on Nov. 17 in Malacky.