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“Bombs are Falling Like Rain in Gaza”

Gazans stayed up all night as Israel continued to pound the Palestinian enclave. The situation flared up when Israel and Gaza exchanged fire – which still continues now – after Israel killed Hamas military leader Ahmed Al-Jabari during an air raid on Gaza yesterday.

According to Press reports, the current bout of fighting has left up to 13 Gazans and three Israelis dead. On Twitter, Ebaa Rezeq breaks down the toll on the Palestinian side:

الحصيلة حتى الآن| 15 شهيد (منهم 3 أطفال, سيدة حامل بتوأم, وعجوزين) + 140 إصابة. #غزة

@Gazanism: The toll until now: 15 martyrs (among them three children, a woman pregnant with twins and two elderly people), plus 140 injured #Gaza

Khaled Shawa shares a photograph of his neighbour's house burning after being shelled by Israel

Khaled Shawa shares a photograph of his neighbour's house burning after being shelled by Israel. Photo credit: @KhaledShawa

Wael Ouda describes the intensity of the shelling around him:

@WillOuda: The drones are practically “walking” in the living room ….so loud and noisy over head. #Gaza

In another tweet, he shares the human cost, this latest bout of attacks is having:

: Death toll: 14-15 deaths and 120+ injuries #Gaza

Gaza Under Attack

Gaza Under Attack. Photo shared by @journeytogaza on Twitter

And Majed Abusalama exclaims:

: Bombs falling like a rains now in NorthGaza# #GazaUnderAttacks

Meanwhile, Abu Omar posts a surreal video on YouTube entitled, The Children of Gaza are Playing Football despite the Shelling:

The video shows children playing – as explosions continue in the background.

Ola Anan comments:

: #GazaUnderAttack yet a group of children decided to play football in the street! We teach life, world!

And Majed Abusalama adds:

المعنويات عالية في #غزة, فليحطموا كل شي, يقتلوا أطفالنا ولكن لن يقتلوا ارادنا وأجلامنا, والى التحرير انشا الله

@MajedAbusalama: Our morales are high in Gaza. Let them destroy everything and kill our children but they will never be able to kill our will and our dreams. To liberation by the will of God!

People queue outside a bakery to get bread in Gaza

People queue outside a bakery to get bread in Gaza. Photo shared on Twitter by @sarahussein

Meanwhile, journalist Sara Hussein, who was just able to cross into Gaza, shares a photograph people lining up outside a bakery.

She tweets:

: Line outside #Gaza bakery. People fear food shortages. #Israel #Palestinians

What next?

Journey to Gaza wonders if there will be a ground invasion:

@journeytogaza: Any news on #Israeli cabinet decision whether or not to launch ground invasion in #Gaza?

Twitter hashtags:

For more on the conversation on Twitter, check out the hashtags: #PrayForGaza, #GazaUnderAttack and #Gaza.

Further Reading:

Mondoweiss: Two new resources: Timeline of Israeli escalation in Gaza and Israel’s history of breaking ceasefires

The Guardian: Israel and Gaza militants in deadly exchanges – live updates

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  • Saiful Islam

    America, the biggest terrorist of all.
    Be nice to America or they will bring Democracy to your country. Because they are the pimp of Democracy. I wonder, what would they said if the concept of democracy wasn’t there in the first place! May be it’d be exactly what the British had done in the name of Civilization. I just pee on their civilization.

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  • Mhtcka Cuzka

    Nice Democrat that president Obama is, isn’t it?
    Being captivated and humiliated by the aggressive and totalitary war politics of Israel…
    Agreeing not to make a subject upon the biggest contemporary concentration camp, Gaza..
    People understand that diplomacy serves the state of israel, against all hopes for a decent life for the people of gaza…and why is that?
    Not because of the fear of israeli-palestinian people living together…but the hatred among war leaders as Netaniahu and Ahmadinejad…
    Living in the 21st century, middle ages repeat themselves in the form of religious wars…
    People of the world, Wake up and Re-build our future, investing in life, not death!

  • Mhtcka Cuzka

    …oh ! and greetings from greece, the contemporary financial experiment of empovering a nation!

  • GOD ALMIGHTLY Gave All That land to MY JEWISH PEOPLE.ISRAEl keep dropping bombs

    until everyone of those DEVIL WORSHIPPERS are burning in their real homeland HELL !!!

  • The real trouble maker is The POPE of ROME this ANTICHRIST has been in control of the kings of the earth for almost 1500 years.Want real lasting peace on the earth.
    NUKE NUKE NUKE THE WHORE OF REVELATION 17:5 NOW NOW NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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