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Mauritania: RIP Constitutional Institutions

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صورة من الجنازة الرمزية للمؤسسات الدستورية في موريتانيا [1]

A photograph from the constitution's mock funeral shared on Twitter by @tahabib [2] The sign in Arabic reads: Here lie the constitutional institutions

Various opposition groups held a demonstration in front of the Mauritanian Parliament in protest against the constitutional void that the country is witnessing with the Mauritanian president out of the country for treatment.

The event was spearheaded by February 25 activists [3] [ar] carrying a symbolic coffin of the constitutional institutions in Mauritania.

Mohamed Sid'Ahmed tweeted about the funeral:

@med_sidahmed: [4]الوقفة الاحتجاجية ل25 فبراير برهنت على الطاقة الخلاقة والابداعية لهؤلاء الشباب. فكرة النعش وجنازة المؤسسات  الدستورية ابلغ وصف للوضع الحالي.

The protest organised by February 25 proved the creativity of those young people. The idea of the coffin and the funeral of the constitutional institutions is the best description of the current situation.