Arab World: What will Change with Obama's Re-Election?

Barack Obama has won a second term as US President but how does he fare among netizens across the Arab world? Here's a snippet of the conversation on Twitter following his re-election. Reactions were divided and while many were not pleased with the US foreign policy in the region, others were happy Obama won.

Saudi Essam Al Zamil pulls the conspiracy theories from the hat. He writes [ar]:

إسرائيل كانت تفضل فوز رومني. رغم ذلك خسر. غريبة!! ما كانوا يقولون إن إسرائيل والصهاينة يتحكمون العالم ويحركوننا كأننا بيادق على رقعة شطرنج؟!

@essamz: Israel preferred [Mitt] Romney winning. Despite this, he lost. Strange!!! Weren't they saying that Israel and the Zionists controlled the world and moved us as if we were chess pieces?

Egyptian Gigi Ibrahim wonders how Obama's reaction [praising his wife and daughters] after his win would be received has he been an Arab president:

@Gsquare86: Obama telling Michelle how he loves her publicly and speaking to his daughters haha imagine Morsi or any egy pres doing that

And Kuwaiti Al Saqar shares a similar thought:

اوباما يحتضن زوجته بعد الفوز بالرئاسة وربعنا يفوز بانتخابات جمعية يتزوج على مرته !! هههههههههههه

@alsaqar_87: Obama hugs his wife after he wins the presidential elections while our friends take a second wife if they win a society election!! haha

Kuwaiti politician Dr Aseel Al Awadhi pays tribute to Obama's victory speech:

خطاب اوباما بعد اعلان فوزه يجب ان يدرس كمادة اساسية لكل القيادات العربية. نستورد منهم كل شئ ليش ما نستورد نوعية خطابهم السياسي؟

@AseelAlawadhi: Obama's speech after his victory was announced should be taught as an essential subject for all Arab leaders. We import everything from them so why don't we also import their political addresses?

And using tongue in cheek, Syrian Bint Al Rifai pays tribute to Obama's administration:

@BintAlRifai: Obama admin… Mastering the art of lip service

Egyptian Raafat Roheim tries reason, saying the US foreign policy does not change with the change of a president:

الناس العبيطة اللي مفكره أن سياسة أمريكا الخارجيه هتتغير لو رومني فاز، والنبي آتوكسو. لو كيم كارداشين بقت الرئيس السياسه مش هتتغير يا مواشي

Stupid people think the US foreign policy would have changed had [Mitt] Romney won. Even if Kim Kardashian became president, their policy won't change.

Egyptian journalist Ayman Mohyeldin remarks:

@AymanM: 2 years of campaigning, billions of dollars spent, obama wins, democrats control senate, republicans run house but will it change anything?

While Jordanian Naseem Tarawnah jokes about Obama's Islamic links:

@tarawnah: If President Obama thanks Allah during his victory speech he will freak everyone out. EVERYONE.

Meanwhile, Jordanian Fadi Zaghmout offers his support to Obama:

@ArabObserver: As a world citizen, I would vote for Obama in the #USElection #ivoted

He adds:

@ArabObserver: Thank you my Americans friends who voted for sanity yesterday. This is a win for all of us. Congratulations!

And Egyptian Nadia El-Awady wishes America good luck:

@NadiaE: Nice to wake up this morning to the news of #Obama's win. Good luck, America.

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