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Arab World: Sandy Unleashes Wrath of God on Infidel America

As the world turned its eyes to New York and New Jersey to follow the news of hurricane Sandy, and the destruction it has caused, many across the Arab world debated whether the storm was the embodiment of the wrath of God – unleashed against the infidels and in retaliation to US foreign policy. Seriously.

Abdulaziz Alhies wonders why Sandy got more attention when it hit the US East coast [ar]:

ترى إعصار #ساندي ضرب جامايكا وهاييتي وكوبا والدومينيكان بعد.. ولا القلب مايشوف غير أميركا!

@azizAlhies: Sandy has also hit Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba and the Dominican too .. or does the heart not see anything other than America

Nizar Mohammed Othman links between the coverage ‘small’ episodes in the Sandy hurricane are getting, in comparison to the silence the atrocities being committed against the Syrian people are met with. He tweets:

يهللون لرجل ينقذ كلبا من إعصار ساندي، ويغضون الطرف عن أسد يبيد أطفال سوريا، أهو عشق الحيوانات؟

@NizarAbdalla: They are praising a man who rescued a dog during the hurricane and turn a blind eye to Assad eliminating the children of Syria. Is it a love for animals?

On, Sheikh Naser Al Omar urges readers to be happy for the destruction Sandy has caused. He blogs:

إن أمريكا هي قائدة الظلم والطغيان والجبروت في هذا العصر، استخدمت أموالها التي مكنها الله _جلّ وعلا_ منها في ظلم البشرية في مشارق الأرض ومغاربها، وتاريخ أمريكا تاريخ أسود على كل المستويات ، وفي شتى أنحاء العالم، وخصوصاً فيما يتعلق بالأمة الإسلامية، فأمريكا أمة كافرة باغية محادة لله ولرسوله – صلى الله عليه وسلم – ومحاربة للمسلمين، دنَّست كتاب الله وأهانته، قريبة من كل شرّ بعيدة عن كل خير، حامية الإرهاب في العالم. .
من الذي يدعم إسرائيل ؟
من الذي يحمي اليهود بلا حدود ؟
من الذي أباد أفغانستان ؟
من الذي دمر العراق ؟
من الذي يأخذ خيرات المسلمين في مشارق الأرض ومغاربها ليعيدها لهم صورايخ وقنابل ورؤوساً نووية ؟

America is the leader of injustice and oppression in this era. It has used the money God has blessed it with to spread injustice around the world. It's history is dark, across all levels, and around the world, particularly when it comes to the Islamic world. America is an infidel nation, an enemy of God and His prophet and the Muslim people. It has desecrated the Holy Book, and insulted it; it is close to all evil and far from all good; and it protects terrorism around the world.

Who supports Israel?
Who provides unlimited protection to the Jews?
Who has wiped out Afghanistan?
Who has destroyed Iraq?
Who takes the wealth of the Muslims from the East and West and returns it to them as rockets and bombs and nuclear heads?

Al Omar continues:

إن ما أصاب أمريكا هو قدر كوني وعقوبة من الله _جلّ وعلاّ_؛ لطغيانها وعصيانها وجبروتها وظلمها وبعدها عن الله _جلّ وعزَّ_..

What has happened to America is its fate and a punishment from God for its oppression, disobedience and injustice and for straying away from God.

إننا عندما نرى هذه الرياح العاصفة تدمر أمريكا أو بعض ولاياتها نعلم أنها نعمة من الله _جلّ وعلا_ تستوجب الحمد والشكر والفرح

When we see those storm gales destroying America or some of its states, we know it is a blessing from God, which deserves thanks and happiness

On Twitter, such sentiments did fly. Rakan comments:

أكتشفت ان ماعندنا وسطية ، ناس يدعون على أمريكا بالعموم ، و ناس يدعون لأمريكا بالعموم ، طيب أدعو الله أن يكفينا شر الكوارث عالعموم #ساندي

@Rakankov: I discovered that we aren't moderate. There are people cursing America overall and others praying for it. Why don't they pray to God to protect everyone from natural disasters?

@OwaysKins adds:

من فرِح بـ #ساندي امريكا نسِي التفريق بين أبرياء شعبها الذين سيجتاحهم ، وبين أفعال حكومتها الذين سيتربعون في البيت الابيض ريثما ينتهي ..

@OwaysKins: Those happy about Sandy forgot to differentiate between those innocents who will be effected and the actions of a government, which will continue to remain in the White House after the hurricane is over

Kay, Sophisticated writes:

عقول متخلفه تتشمت في مصايب الغير، شو ذنبهم اليهال ولا الناس الباجيين في قرارات سياسيه وحروب عقدتكم ..

@k_a_world: Backward mentalities, happy for the calamities of others. What has the suffering of children and innocent people got to do with political decisions and wars?

Egyptian Abdulgawad Mohammed is conflicted:

أتمني سقوط#أمريكا الدولة المستبدة راعية #الارهاب في العالم لكني اتمني من الله ان ينجّي المستضعفين والأبرياء من هذا الاعصار

@abdelhawadmoha1: I hope for the overthrow of America, the oppressive country which supports terrorism around the world, but I hope God protects the innocents from this hurricane

He continues:

أشعر بالضيق ممن يخافون علي هلاك أمريكا ويدعون لهم بالنجاة ولم يرفعو ايديهم للدعاء للمسلمين المشرّدين في#بورما

@abdelhawadmoha1: It hurts me to see those who are worried about the demise of America and are praying for its safety. They did not raise their hands in prayer for the Muslims persecuted in Burma

Meanwhile, Egyptian Nasry Esmat concludes:

بعد كم التعليقت الغبية اللي قرتها من عرب عن اعصار ساندي اعتقد أن مزبلة التاريخ هتكون افضل مكان ندخله .. مش بسبب الحقد لكن عشان الجهل

@nasry: After all those stupid comments I have read from Arabs about hurricane Sandy, I think that the black books of history is the best place for us .. and it isn't because of the hatred, but because of the ignorance


  • God must have punished Haiti and Cuba for their Zionist sympathies too.

  • It is absolutely ridiculous to believe that a natural disaster is God’s punishment on a nation. Evil people exist everywhere whether it is in America or the Middle East. It is sheer ignorance to latch on one’s hatred for a country and use that to justify a callous and dismissive approach to the vicitims of the disaster.

    As for the lack of coverage of the massacre in Syria, it is a case of who pays the piper dictates the tune. American and Western media outlets are predominant the world over so it is natural that they cover the events that affect them directly. Human nature is selfish. If the arab world needs more coverage perhaps we need more stations like Al-Jazeera whose constituency is the Arab world and its citizens.

  • Monica Palacios

    Please, don’t say America when you mean the United States. America is the name of the whole continent, not just one country.

  • commonsense & logic

    less than 100 dead…. Gods wrath? hmmm.. all those who said this including those who could not see how dumb this was are truly ignorant. It appears that they are
    blur to the fact that close to 200,000 muslim were “drowned” during the tsunami. Also
    why no peace in the Middle East for thousands of years… people of Abrahamic faith
    need to ponder over this. This is heaven for those who understand the true meaning of love. It is sad that the above mentioned “fools” can lead millions of “dumb” people who dont use their common sense & logic because they have been “brainwashed” in the name of this religion or that religion. come on… dont be taken for ride by these “fools” who may be smart enough to know that dumb people can be easily fooled and used for their own ends. no offence meant. just asking you to think for yourself… if there is no true love…. then the devil is at work.

  • […] So I was merrily browsing le internet last week and I came across a synopsis (right word?) of reactions from other parts of the world to Sandy on Global voices: It was titled: “Arab World: Sandy unleashes wrath of God on infidel America” […]

  • What brought all this on must be your Mohammed because if he is the all powerful god you believe in then he would not bring such destruction to a nation (or any country) where democracy is truly what a god would wish on anyone. Who brings poverty and suffering to you in Syria or iran? only humans do that kind of thing.If you had decent leaders your people would be much better off. Obviously it is America who has in part supplied you in the past with enough sustenance for your citizens. Now with sanctions your suffering is worse and I don’t think you care. America and or US will recover because we are resourceful unlike what I see happening in your neck of the woods. In reality, natural destruction is just what it is natural… just turns out that the east coast was in the way of this natural phenomena. Without Israel, without Jews you would not be benefiting for many of the items you now enjoy medically or electronically.

  • I agree that American Justice is corrupt and filled with injustice. I was appointed a Jewish lawyer that wears a Yam aka to court and was portrayed as a neo nazi to him, it is the Judges and Lawyers and Police and Leaders in this nation that really deserve to die at the hand of God;s
    wrath unleashed against them.

    I sympathize with the worlds anger at the USA, for I curse more then the USA but the world for her crimes against me and the injustice Riverside County and MSJC has done to me, it is on the world these curses fall just as much as the USA so I can understand people all over the world wanting with earnest desire to slay Judges like Rodney Walker and persons like Segawa and other criminals like those that commit war crimes and violate geneva convention rules and overall I would never harm by my own flesh any one of my enemies but I can fully sympathize with you others who want to kill them all and bless your attempts.

    Because I am a Christian Hebrew Pagan myself I am hated by them but God loves me and does bring evil on my hated enemies to please his beast, I am. These government people try hard to keep the works I do secret, they destroyed the PC upon which was recorded my prayers for a great tidal wave just about 4 hours before the one that killed like 250,000. I am praying him to unleash the fire on America and I live here. I am not afraid because I am his beast and was born to do this job. cry for justice against injustice.

  • Now it is the IRS targeting conservatives for Obama Liberals. I pray for fire to fall on the lot of them from Maine to California and burn the wicked. I would slay with torture the hosts of many people, I would slay their children and make dung piles of all their wealth and riches. I am a sinner myself and have a lot of evil in me but I tale me and my evil to the God my mother told me to cling to with all I am, even that one true God who man began to call upon in the days of ancient civilizations. I beg him in tears, ask people who know me deeply and they will tell you I cry in prayers all the time and I am a man of many tears who summons CURSES on EARTH and MANKIND.
    I urge all people, even my enemies to slay my enemies and kill them in the most savage forms available. I do claim I do this for the reason of SAVING LIVES, seeing I pray curses so much greater in DESOLATION for the offenses these people are against this worm THE BEAST of THE LIVING ONE TRUE AND ONLY GOD, GOD of the patriarchs of men of all nations, tribes, tongues and faiths, my God as well.
    I send report to the angels and make serious charges that they must rouse my love and his anger is a perpetual fire and pyre of wrath. He will come and he will slay in person and avenge my soul against the wicked I hate and refuse to love no matter what faith or people it is in. I see it in all and call for all to suffer.
    My God will cause my enemies to behold it in the end and the fear and utter horror they have will be a sweet savory meal that the Lord my God grant me if he will. I will rejoice and praise God and exhort mankind to rejoice and not to be in remorse but in joy for the zeal of God’s, Allah’s,et al Supreme Being of Mankind’s chastisement and unhindered eternal rebuke.
    Wicket people everywhere will gnash their tongues and stamp their feet and pour tears forth seeing their lost, damned, cursed and doomed because THE OFFENDED GOD through their offending his beast I AM.
    Lay forth the wind today, slay for me and kill with my spirit the heartland of America and smite the other nations worldwide for my wrath is not abated and my anger cannot be quenched at the hypocrites about me… BEAST in HEMET CA

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