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Russia: Facebook Insults Lead to a Fight at the Bolshoi

Categories: Eastern & Central Europe, Russia, Arts & Culture, Ethnicity & Race, RuNet Echo

Earlier this week, an online spat between the chief editors of Russian GQ and Russian Tatler magazines came to physical blows on the steps of the famous Bolshoi Theater. First, Tatler's Eduard Dorozhkin insulted GQ's Michael Idov in a Facebook post that had anti-Semitic overtones [1] [ru]. Idov, a Jewish emigre whose parents fled the Soviet Union to escape bigotry against Jews, took such offense that he accosted Dorozhkin by slapping him in the face. (Dorozhkin claims he was punched.) Idov defended [2] [ru] his actions as a justified retaliation against racism. Dorozhkin meanwhile has filed charges [3] [ru] with the police.