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Uganda: Getting Ready for the Second Coming of #Kony2012

Categories: Sub-Saharan Africa, Uganda, Citizen Media, Development, History, Human Rights, Humanitarian Response, Politics, War & Conflict

“I didn’t pay much mind to the #Kony2012 kerfuffle when it first surfaced back in March. I couldn’t be bothered to watch the film and was a bit blasé about the re-emergence (as it seemed to me) of the Lord’s Resistance Army as a topic of wide international interest. But now Invisible Children has released another film that promises the unleashing of a new wave of activism (they’re promising to take over the US capital in mid-November) and awareness-raising”.

OLUFEMI Terry in #KONY2005 [1]on the Africa is a Country blog. OLUFEMI unpacks the nuances that must be taken into account when approaching the stories of child soldiers in Uganda.