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Arab World: Romney's Middle East Agenda Rapped

Mitt Romney's foreign policy speech was rapped by netizens across the Arab World today.

Tweets questioning United States (US) foreign policy in the Middle East continued as Romney, the Republican nominee for the US presidential elections, spoke at the Virginia Military Institute. If elected, Romney pledged to take a more “engaged” foreign policy, as opposed to Obama's wait-and-see approach as “profound upheaval” shook the region. He also said he would arm Syrian rebels, at least those among them who share his values.

All the way from Venezuela, journalist Dima Khatib isn't pleased. She tweets [ar]:

ما كان ناقص غير مرشح رئاسي أمريكي كمان يستخدم سوريا في حملته الانتخابية للترويج لنفسه.. عأساس هو أحسن من أوباما !! كملت والله

: All we had missing was a US Presidential candidate using Syria in his election campaign to promote himself under the pretext that he is better than Obama!!! The plot is complete

And she asks:

لسا في حدا بهالعالم ما مص دم الثورة السورية مشان مصلحة ما ؟

: Is there anyone left who hasn't sucked the blood of the Syrian revolution for any of their interests?

Algerian Imad Mesdoua quips:

@ImadMesdoua: #Romney knows MENA well. He saw #Libya and thought here's a good idea, let's arm the rebels in #Syria! #letmeknowhowthatworksoutforyou

Shadi Hamid, from the Brooking Doha Centre, Qatar, writes:

@shadihamid: Romney's Middle East speech could be important. One hopes it can encourage Obama to clarify his own approach, which has been tepid & vague.

He adds:

@shadihamid: Issue of US “leading” vs. “leading from behind” is real & shouldn't be dismissed. Real doubts abt US resolve & staying power in Arab world.

Bahraini human rights activist Maryam Al Khawaja says:

@MARYAMALKHAWAJA: Judging from his statements, #Romney will be a complete disaster to #humanrights in the #GCC [Gulf Cooperation Council], even more so than #Obama… #bahrain

And Foreign Policy managing editor Blake Hounshell agrees:

@blakehounshell: One point Romney and Obama seem to agree on: Leaving Bahrain off the list of revolutions America supports.

While Qatari Shayma Al-Naimi, who studies in the US, tweets:

@iShayma: #Romney really wants to talk about “America's record” in peaceful history?????

And she adds:

@iShayma: I honestly cannot believe what #Romney is saying right now! Absolutely disgusting. It's sad to know that people with his mentality exist.

Palestinian Iyad El-Baghdadi, who tweets from Dubai, notes:

@iyad_elbaghdadi: The last time the US displayed some “leadership in the Middle East”, 600,000 Iraqis died. #Romney

And he proposes a compromise:

: Half my timeline says #Obama sucks, and the other half says #Romney sucks. Guys, I agree with you.

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