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Venezuela: Where's the Capriles Excitement?

[…] from what little I have seen in two days in Venezuela, the excitement is greater on the side supporting incumbent President Hugo Chávez, rather than challenger Governor Henrique Capriles. That is exactly the opposite of what I’ve read on most of my favourite English language websites about the country, but it’s the truth.

Steven Bodzin writes in his blog Setty's Notebook.

Blogger Juan Cristóbal Nagel from Caracas Chronicles reacts to Steven's post: “Let’s keep it real: Chávez is the favorite, but Capriles has momentum, as most polls show.”


  • Gabriel

    I thought better of globalvoices.

    Both of these notes are a bit confirmation-biased. They both claim to “the truth” and “keeping it real” but come across as wishful thinking. Better wait till Sunday’s elections and then we’ll know the truth and the real.

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