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Russia: Apple Logo Branded As Unchristian by Orthodox Activists

Categories: Eastern & Central Europe, Russia, Breaking News, Protest, Religion, Technology, RuNet Echo

Interfax new agency reported [1] [ru] today that a fringe group of Russian Orthodox activists (including some priests) has “on a number of occasions” staged public protests against the maker of the iPhone and iPad, Apple Inc., on the grounds that the company's logo (a monochrome “bitten” apple [2]) constitutes an anti-Christian symbol. The activists, who apparently also own Apple computers, have made a public spectacle of hanging crosses over their machines’ Apple logo, which they say alludes to the forbidden fruit discussed in Genesis 2:16–17 of the Bible. Others have pointed out that Apple's original 1976 logo [3] in fact depicted Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree, though the iconic rainbow “bitten” apple logo was adopted almost immediately thereafter.