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Slovakia: Rally for Rights of “Decent People”

Categories: Eastern & Central Europe, Slovakia, Citizen Media, Ethnicity & Race, Law, Protest

Last month, in response to “the worsening situation in coexistence of citizens of towns and villages with the undisciplined and antisocial fellow citizens,” residents of the town of Partizanske [1] came up with a “Petition for increased protection of the rights of decent people [2]” [sk]. This past weekend, over 3,000 mostly elderly people from Partizanske and nearby towns attended the “march for the rights of decent people”; their slogans included “Decent people are sending children to school” and “Decent people pay rent.”

The march was supposed to be silent, but after the official part was over, some 200 participants headed for the street whose residents are considered “maladjusted citizens” – and were stopped by police there (photos here [3]).