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Mexico: Missing Activist Aleph Jiménez Found Alive

Categories: Latin America, Mexico, Citizen Media, War & Conflict

The #YoSoy132 [1] activist Aleph Jiménez, who had gone missing [2] last week, was found safe and alive in the Mexican city of La Paz, more than 800 miles [3] from Ensenada where he lived.

After coming out from hiding, Jiménez was flown to Mexico City to give a statement to the National Human Rights Commission. Today, in his first interview [4] [es] to the press, Jiménez stated that he went hiding voluntarily because of safety concerns, including the apparent murder of two of his colleagues, being followed by an unidentified car, and supposed wiretapping of him and other activists.

Jiménez left town without telling anyone and claims to have been disconnected from his friends and family for fears of being tracked. He was eventually found by someone whom he knew and decided to go public after realizing of all the attention his case had gotten. Jiménez vows he will not return to his home state of Baja California for the time being.

Mexican netizens on Twitter had mixed reactions [5] [es] to the news, some grew increasingly skeptical about Jiménez's statements and motives while others showed support for Jiménez. For example, @armandonune [6] [es] writes:

Aleph Jiménez [7]

Aleph Jiménez, photo via Twitter user @FamiliaAlephJ

@armandonune [8]: La desaparicion de aleph jimenez no me cuadra, la version de aleph es infantil o lo obligaron a decir eso o quiere protagonismo

@armandonune [8]: Aleph Jimenez's disappearance does not add up, Aleph's version is childish or he was forced to say that or he wants prominence.

Similarly, Gustavo Andrade (@SrDonGustavo) [9] [es] writes:

@SrDonGustavo [10]: Aleph Jiménez temía por su seguridad e integridad física, pero se para en una carretera a pedir un aventón? ¿Cómo? Que alguien me explique..

@SrDonGustavo [10]: Aleph Jimenez feared for their safety and physical integrity, but he stands on a road to hitchhike? What? Someone explain this to me…

On the other hand, Jessica (@jessica_am [11]) [es] mentions:

@jessica_am [12]: Me aterra que “periodistas” insistan en la irresponsabilidad de Aleph Jiménez y omitan que el chico estaba verdaderamente aterrado.

@jessica_am [12]: It terrifies me that “journalists” insist on Aleph Jiménez's recklessness and neglect to mention the guy was truly terrified.

Likewise, Cecilia Cisneros C. (@CCCCecilia) [13] [es] says:

@CCCCecilia [14]: Cuando tengas miedo, te sientas acosado, vigilado, amenzado… solo así creo, puedes juzgar el actuar de Aleph Jimenez. No me ha pasado aun

@CCCCecilia [14]: When you are afraid, you feel harassed, followed, threatened… I think only then you can judge the actions of Aleph Jimenez. It has not happened to me yet