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Australia: Same Sex Marriage Debate Unleashes Beast

It was bound to be a bad time for Australian Senator Cory Bernardi after he suggested in a parliamentary debate on legalizing same sex marriage that it could lead to marriage between humans and animals.

Liberal senator Cory Bernardi has resigned as [Opposition Leader] Tony Abbott's parliamentary secretary amid a fierce backlash over comments he made linking gay marriage to the social acceptance of having sex with animals.

Onliners vented their disgust with Bernardi’s remarks. Troy Murphy, a presenter for 2SSR 99.7 FM, operated by Sutherland Shire Community Radio, responded in the strongest terms:

Bernardi’s comments are a nasty suggestion that turns homosexuality – a normal sexual orientation – into something shameful and disgusting. Young people across the country who are gay continue to suffer depression, isolation and suicide because of this type of prejudice.

Why does the gay community have to be continually and openly belittled and humiliated in the federal parliament?

National Day of Action for Same Sex Marriage - Sydney

National Day of Action for Same Sex Marriage in Sydney. Photo by Jagath Dheerasekara, copyright Demotix (8/1/2009)

This kind of strong condemnation was quickly replaced by humour.

In CORY BERNARDI POSSESSED BY SATAN digitalseance tries to explain all:

Now, let’s not blame Cory. It’s not his fault that satan has decided to work through him – he’s in a position of power and satan obviously wanted to get rid of him, after all Cory has been an ethical whirlpool distributing virtuous diatribes against all the sinners he sees around him – and he sees a lot.

Scott Dooley describes himself as a ‘promising young comedian’. His tweet refers to a public relations encounter by Tony Abbott with a puppy named Mittens at the RSPCA earlier in 2012:

@scottdools: Does anyone have Cory Bernardi's address? My fiancé, Mittens and I want to send him a “Save The Date” card for our wedding. 19 Sep 12

Wes Mountain’s cartoon ‘Welcome to Civic Education Class’ tries to put Bernardi’s views in their political context:

Welcome to Civic Education Class

Welcome to Civic Education Class.
Courtesy – Wes Mountain of This is Australia. Today.

It's not all one-sided. Conservative blogger Bill Muehlenberg is organizing a petition in support of Bernardi and defends his speech in a post In Defence of Cory Bernardi on Menzies House:

South Australian Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi has just been hung out to dry by his own party. Why? Because he had the guts to tell the truth, and his PC political mates were too chicken and too spineless to back him up. He was speaking on the homosexual marriage bill, and had the courage to suggest where all this might lead.

Tweeter Jack R Herman seems to be using Reductio ad absurdum (Latin: “reduction to absurdity”) in response to Muehlenberg's argument.

‏@jackaargh: .@menzieshouse and Cory Bernardi might let us know which animals they believe are capable of giving informed consent to partnerships. 20 Sep 12

Inevitably, there is also a Facebook page Support Cory Bernardi

Reese Williams cried hypocrite against the pages’ admin:

‏@reesieboi: The ‘Support Cory Bernardi’ is noting they need to support free speech but are deleting posts by those who oppose him. LOLOLOLOL #hypocrite
20 Sep 12

Meanwhile, Senator Bernardi is taking his new fame to the U.K. where he may not receive a warm reception from some of his conservative colleagues.

Cory Bernardi has flown from one storm of controversy to another, with British news organisations branding the South Australian as “disgraced” ahead of his expected arrival in Oxford this weekend.

It is a story that's likely to dog his political career for some time to come.

To sample the reaction try the twitter search for Cory Bernardi.

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  • John R Costello

    seems Australia has Big Assholes like we do here in America…the Far Right Wackjobs…..

  • John R Costello

    why is it the crazies always Imagine sex with animals, or things shoved down thier throats..? Projection maybe?

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  • Kevin Rennie

    Bernardi has withdrawn from speaking at the Oxford conference according to Cory Bernardi withdraws from European Young Conservatives’ conference

  • Guest

    At first glance, this post seemed to be one speaking of simply yet another conservative politician who is attempting to avoid the inevitable. After reading carefully, I quickly was drawn to the shocking statement made my Australian Senator Cory Bernardi “linking gay marriage to the social acceptance of having sex with animals.” Personally, although contrasting to my beliefs that gay marriage should be legalized, I do believe that everyone in entitled to their own opinions despite what they may be, but this claim by Bernardi took it too far. I fully respect comments if they are polite and have reason based behind them, but to make a comment as disrespectful as Bernardi’s was completely unneeded and uncalled for. Honestly, I was quite relieved at his resignation as Toby Abbott’s parliamentary secretary. The subject of “same sex marriage” in Australia intrigued me after reading this post, so I researched a little more to find current news of the topic. Coincidentally enough, the most resent articles I came across were discussing Toby Abbott’s views on same sex marriage, and sure enough they coincided with Bernardi’s. What surprised me after even further reasearch was that many hoped that Abbott’s views were to change due to his daughters’ views. They, being apart of the younger generation at 20 and 21, both fully support same sex marriage and have become advocates for it. Even more surprising, Abbott’s sister has recently left her husband for a woman as a partner. To me, this showed that in Australia, the supporters of same sex marriage outweigh those that do not, and according to the claims of many (including Abbott’s daughters) it is a topic that will be legalized in Australia’s near future. It will be interesting to see how Abbott’s views change, if they do for that matter, and how the future of same sex marriage will evolve.

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