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Russia: Continued Scandals Plague the Registration of Opposition Candidates

Categories: Eastern & Central Europe, Russia, Citizen Media, Elections, Politics, Protest, RuNet Echo

Earlier today, blogger Maksim Kononenko highlighted [1] [ru] the Coordinating Council candidacy of convicted terrorist and neonazi [2] Nikolai Korolev, who was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of 15 people in 2006. On the election's official website, Korolev is listed as a “political prisoner [3]” in the General Civil (not Nationalist) category. In an angry response on Kononenko's blog, Leonid Volkov, the election's Commissioner, wrote [4] [ru], “You suck dicks [sic] at knowing what you're talking about.” Volkov also characterized [5] [ru] the convicted terrorist as a “conscientious dude,” arguing that Korolev requested the removal of a swastika [6] from his original candidacy photo, in order to protect the election's web portal from extremism charges.