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Syria: Reflections from the Balkans

Categories: Eastern & Central Europe, Middle East & North Africa, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Syria, International Relations, War & Conflict

Macedonian non-profit outlet Diversity Media published an article/podcast [mk [1], sq [2]] about the Balkan states’ reactions to the situation in Syria, featuring a statement by GV Author Ruslan Trad [3] (among others, including the Macedonian politician Stojan Andov [4] [en [5], mk [6]], who served as the Yugoslav Ambassador to Iraq in 1987-1991).

According to the article, while Serbia arranged a special flight to evacuate its citizens, Borche Stamov, the spokesman of the Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, when asked about his compatriots, just stated: “Most of the foreigners already left Syria, so probably the Macedonians are among them.”