Colombia Answers with New Promotional Campaign and Slogan

During the beginning of September a new promotional video was launched by Marca Colombia [es], the official government agency responsible for the Colombia brand, with the slogan “The answer is Colombia” [es].

The video has generated countless responses on Twitter with the hashtag #LaRespuestaesColombia [es] (TheAnswerIsColombia), and was a trending topic Saturday, September 8.

The official Twitter account of Marca Colombia (@MarcaColombia) [es] summarized the campaign in several tweets:

@MarcaColombia: La inversión en la marca Colombia busca generar retorno para el país en inversión, conocimiento, confianza y progreso

@MarcaColombia: The investment in Colombia's brand seeks to generate returns for the country through investment, familiarity, confidence and progress [es]

@MarcaColombia: Todos somos parte de la respuesta. Cuéntanos esos hechos que te hacen sentir orgulloso de ser Colombiano #LaRespuestaEsCOlombia

@MarcaColombia: We are all part of the answer. Tell us what makes you proud to be Colombian #LaRespuestaEsCOlombia

In response many Colombians are using #LaRespuestaesColombia to talk about Colombia in positive terms.

For example the radio personality Marcela Alarcón (@MarcelaAlarcon) [es] posted:

@MarceLaALarcon: Dónde SI recibimos a los extranjeros con amor, con cordialidad y amabilidad? #LaRespuestaesColombia

@MarceLaALarcon: Where are foreigners welcomed with courtesy, friendship and love? #TheAnswerIsColombia

@MarceLaALarcon: Lo máximo! RT @diazanalucia: @MarceLaALarcon Donde todos los vecinos se saludan sin conocer #LaRespuestaesColombia

@MarceLaALarcon: That's the best! RT @diazanalucia: @MarceLaALarcon Where do neighbors, even strangers, say hello? #TheAnswerIsColombia

@MarceLaALarcon: Dónde hay gran variedad de climas, sin esperar muchos meses? #LaRespuestaesColombia

@MarceLaALarcon: Where does the diversity of weather occur without waiting months? (one can simply travel some Km) #TheAnswerIsColombia

Jenny López (@JenTomy) [es] expressed her optimism with this response:

@JenTomy: Cual es el país donde vivimos tan felices a pesar de tantas cosas tan absurdas que pasan y nada nos queda grande??

@JenTomy: Where can we live so happily despite absurdities that may occur, where nothing is too big to overcome?? #TheAnswerIsColombia

Similarly, Johana Moreno (@JjohanaMoreno) [es] writes:

@JjohanaMoreno: En que país, que aunque se este lleno de problemas, se puede vivir feliz? #LaRespuestaEsColombia

@JjohanaMoreno: In what other country, though full of problems, can one live happily? #TheAnswerIsColombia

Alejandra Mazo (@Aleja_Mazo) [es] makes a comment referring to another Colombian campaign with the slogan “The only risk is wanting to stay”:

@Aleja_Mazo: Quieres un país donde no hay amigos sino hermanos, donde el único riesgo que corres es que te quieras quedar?.

@Aleja_Mazo: Do you want a country where instead of friends there are brothers, where the only risk is that you want to stay? #TheAnswerIsColombia

However, the hashtag has also been used for to point out not so positive aspects of Colombia.

Cepeda the Nose (@Madamemagola) [es] recalls that some taxi services won't go to some neighborhoods because they are considered dangerous:

@Madamemagola: ¿En qué país el taxi lo lleva sólo si le sirve la ruta? #LaRespuestaEsColombia.

@Madamemagola: In what country will taxies refuse service if they don't like the destination? #TheAnswerIsColombia.

Sergio Falla (@_sergiofalla) [es] writes:

@_sergiofalla ¿Un país donde te matan por un celular?

@_sergiofalla In what country do they kill you for a cellphone? #TheAnswerIsColombia

Cristian Gómez (@CristianGommez) [es] makes this allusion to political corruption:

@CristianGommez: En qué país hasta el gobierno nos roba? #Tristemente #LaRespuestaEsColombia.

@CristianGommez: In what country will even the government rob us? #Sadly #TheAnswerIsColombia.

Meanwhile George (@tatanGeorge) [es] questioned the relationship between the government and its political oppostion:

@tatanGeorge: En donde el presidente y el líder de la oposición pertenecen al mismo partido? #laRespuestaesColombia

@tatanGeorge: Where does the president and the leader of the opposition belong to the same party? #TheAnswerIsColombia

Carlos Duque (@_carlosduque) [es] points out:

@_carlosduque: Asegurar que “Colombia es la respuesta” es como decir que tenemos la solución sin definir cual es el problema.

@_carlosduque: Assurances that “Colombia is the answer” is like saying we have the solution without even defining what is the problem.

Colombian netizens continue sharing diverse opinions on Twitter under the hashtag #LaRespuestaesColombia [es] (#TheAnswerIsColombia). Reactions can also be found on the Marca Colombia's official Facebook page [es].

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