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Macedonia: Demanding Triumphal Welcome for Paralympics Champion

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Olivera Nakovska-Bikova. Promo photo, via On.net [1].

Macedonian social media users are calling [2] [mk] for a state-sponsored celebration for Olivera Nakovska-Bikova, who won a gold medal in shooting [3] at the Paralympic Games finals in London, after setting a world record during the qualifications.

So far, successful athletes in individual sports, especially female, such as the 2011 European karate [4] champion Natasha Ilievska [5], haven't received a heroes’ welcome [6] granted to the national team that came in 4th at the EuroBasket [7] (defeating Greece [8] along the way).

Many (1 [9], 2 [10]) say it's shameful that none of the TV stations began their evening news with Nakovska-Bikova's achievement. While Macedonia has a very modest Olympic showing, its paralympians won [11] [mk] gold (in 1992) and silver (2004) medals.