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EU in Crisis: First E-Book by Global Voices

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This post is part of our special coverage Europe in Crisis [1].

“EU in Crisis” [2] is the first production of our new Global Voices Books project [3] and includes the best material from social conversation, participation and mobilization boosted by citizens going through the tough times of austerity in the old continent and beyond.

We hand-picked and assembled the best posts, from our special coverage on Europe in Crisis [1] launched in Spring 2011, and written by our team of dedicated international citizen-reporters.

The e-book is released under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License [4] and is available for downloading [2] in three different formats:

- PDF [5] (3,2 MB)
ePub [6] (3,2 MB)
Mobipocket [7] (2,8 MB)

"EU in Crisis" ebook Cover

“EU in Crisis” ebook Cover

Along with an original introduction which gives broader context on the issue, this e-book includes 13 posts in English (other language editions are currently underway) which cover Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and other European countries, affected by the banking and Euro crisis, through the lens of participatory online media.

This e-book [2] is intended as a flexible tool for further dissemination and discussion about these on-going issues.

Up until July 2012, our dedicated team of about 80 volunteers produced over 80 posts in English, many them translated in various languages.

Global Voices Books [3] aims at “sharing citizen media for the future“, as our subtitle reads, based on GV's huge archive and its on-going multi-language production. We will put out electronic publications according to topics, regions, issues, languages, media, etc. and in a variety of formats, thus providing broader exposure to the best material produced over the years by our community.

Please spread the word, check out the Global Voices Books [3] website and get involved!

This post is part of our special coverage Europe in Crisis [1].

Thumbnail image reprinted from from Vectorportal.com [8], under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License [4]