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Ethiopia: Online Reactions to Meles Zenawi Death

Categories: Sub-Saharan Africa, Ethiopia, Citizen Media, Governance, Politics

Samuel Gebru, the founder of EGI (Ethiopian Global Initiative) writes [1] on his personal blog:

Ethiopia and Africa has lost a formidable leader who worked tirelessly for the transformation of his country and continent. Prime Minister Meles was not perfect and I did not agree with every decision he made. I openly criticized his government on various matters…….

On Tuesday August 21, 2012, speculation surrounding former Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi's whereabouts and health came to rest after government state media confirmed his death [2]. For nearly two months state owned media kept the exact whereabouts and health status of the former prime minister from the public. The official announcement of his death was received by the Ethiopian public with mixed emotions.

TsediLemma, a chief editor at Addis Standard, reflected [3] her emotion as follows:

While enjoying my quiet holiday in a remote and quiet place.i was made to wake up to the shocking news of the death of aman who never knew what it means to have a few days away every now and then from a consuming life such as his.The BBC’s obituary said [he was known to enjoy playing tennis,but did not take holidays.i thought of the serious burn out PM Meles must have had in almost 40 of his 57 years in this world and suddenly I felt his pain….and I cried…….. I hope and wish his after life(if there is any)will be a relaxed one R.I.P