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Kuwait: The People Know Better

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Kuwaiti netizens are expressing their disdain for an old-age tradition which gives the head of the tribe, or the Shaikh [Sheikh] absolute power. In a break with this tradition, they are tweeting under the hash tag #الشعب_أبخص‬‏ [ar], which translates to “The People Know Better.”

Kuwaiti television presenter Ali Al Sanad writes:

عبارة “الشيوخ أبخص” تعبر عن ثقافة مريضة تعبر عن التبعية والرعوية التي لاتعترف بالمواطنة الكاملة، لذلك جاء الوقت لكي نستبدلها بـ ‎‫#الشعب_أبخص‬‏

@al_snd [1]: The saying “The Shaikhs know best” reflects a sick culture, which is made of followers and those with the herd mentality. It doesn't accept full citizenship. This is why the time has come to replace it with “The people know better.”

Tariq Al Mutari responds:

نعم الشيوخ أبخص في بيتوهم وحلالهم وهذا حقهم وفيه منطق ، لكن الشيوخ أبخص بحلال الشعب وأمواله وحياته ومستقبله بأي عقل ومنطق؟! #الشعب_أبخص
@al_tariq2009 [2]: Yes. The Shaikhs know better in their own homes and their own money and this is their right and logical. But what reason or logic is applicable when Shaikhs know better how to run the money, life and future of the people?!

And Omar Alessa adds:

عطيناكم خمسين سنة لقيادة الدولة وانتم من فشل لآخر ومن سيء لأسوأ.. وفوق هذا نقضتوا المواثيق.. عطونا فرصة نقود الدولة لأن #الشعب_أبخص

@omar_alessa [3]

: We gave you 50 years to lead the nation and you have been sporting one failure after the other, and becoming from bad to worse. After all this, you also break promises. Give us a chance to lead the nation because the people know better

Meanwhile, Talal Al Harbi explains:

إلى غير رجعة ياحقبة العصور المُظلمة .. ! فلقد تحررت العقول وتصدر الأمة شباب يريدون أن يسطروا التاريخ بطريقتهم وأسلوبهم وفكرهم ف ‎‫#الشعب_أبخص‬‏

@Talal_M_1984 [4]: The dark ages are gone and will not return… The minds are now liberated and youth who want to write a new history want to lead this nation in their own way and ideas because the people know better

But Barjas Albarjas shares a different viewpoint. He says:

يعتقد الكثير أن ‎‫#الشعب_أبخص‬‏ هم حل نموذجي،محد عامل حسابه أن الشعب هو أنا وأنت وموظفو الخطوط والجوازات والاحوال والصحة وكل من تعّبنا وبهذلنا
@Barjasbh [5]: A lot believe that the people know better is a model solution but no one is taking into consideration that the people are me and you and the airline employees and those who work in immigration, the meteorological office and health department – basically all those who have troubled and humiliated us

Khalid Al Rajhi concludes:

#الشعب_أبخص‬‏ لأنه فعلاً ابخص !!!

: The people know better because they really know better