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Syria: #InMySyria the Streets Will Be Full of Freedom

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This post is part of our special coverage Syria Protests 2011/12 [1].

Syrian netizens are dreaming of a new dawn for their country, where people breathe freedom, live in equality and sectarianism is a thing of the past. Check out their vision for the future under the hash tag #InMySyria on Twitter.

Dana Barakat looks forward to a future of freedom:

@dandoon167 [2]: #InMySyria the streets will be full of freedom, not bloodshed.

Rafif Jouejati dreams of accountability:

@RafifJ [3]: #InMySyria leaders are accountable to the public, not the other way around.

Hadi Madwar adds:

@hadimadwar [4]: #InMySyria, you enter medical school because you're a diligent student, not because your parents are wealthy

And Nora Basha looks at a future where intellectuals will be an asset to the country:

@Nora0315 [5]: #InMySyria intellectuals won't be locked up in Assad prisons being tortured for years, they will be out building a better future for Syria.

While Damascus Tribune hopes people will not be afraid to voice their opinions:

@SamascusTribune [6]: #InMySyria tweeps & activists will use their real names & will not fear arrest. #Syria

Jasmine Roman envisions a future with no sectarianism. She tweets:

@JasmineRoman01 [7]: #InMySyria Christian-Alwaite-Durz-Sunni-Ismaili-Yezedi-Shiite-Arab-Assyrian, Kurd-Armenian-Syriac-Circassian-Chaldean-Turkman.. All are ONE.

Mouhannad Abdulhamid continues:

@MohanadSYR: [8] #InMySyria … Everyone is equal under the law.

And Adam Akkad looks for an Arab entity with no borders. He tweets:

@Abou_Charlie [9]: #InMySyria Amman, Beirut, Damascus and Jerusalem will be in the same country.

This post is part of our special coverage Syria Protests 2011/12 [1].