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#DearEgyptAir, Better Service Please

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Over the past few years it has become apparent that, if one has a loud enough voice and a big enough audience — not to mention a good sense of humor — social media can serve as a great platform for change.  And while that often means political or social change, it can also mean — as famous blogger Heather Armstrong, aka Dooce, has proven [1] — the ability to get a major company to listen to your complaints.

Fed up with EgyptAir's service, English-Egyptian writer Amy Mowafi [2] took to Twitter early Wednesday morning to gripe about her experience [3] booking with the airline:

It has LITERALLY taken me an HOUR to bloody book my ticket @flyegyptair [4] on the phone #FML [5]

Adding a hashtag, Mowafi encouraged followers to tweet their own complaints [6] about the airline:

To all those who've been tortured by @flyegyptair [4] please join me in my plight to get them to answer and explain themselves #DearEgyptAir [7]

Many quickly followed suit.  Waleed Mowafi (@WallyMow) added [8]:

#DearEgyptAir [7] Sometimes when i'm at home I rub sandpaper on my arms because i miss the feel of the Egypt Air blankets @flyegyptair [4]

Mai Eldib (@14inchHEELS) complained [9]:

#DearEgyptAir [7] would it be possible for me to once fly without having pilots smoking in the cockpit @AmyMowafi [10]

@Mayounah had a more pressing concern [11]:

#DearEgyptAir [7] plz don't roll your eyes at me when I complain water is dripping from your ac on board…I'm pretty sure it is an issue

Many were focused on the culinary “delights” offered by the airline.  @ShadenFawaz said of the cake:

#DearEgyptAir [7] have you tried eating that “cake” that you serve!? Well it's not food in case you haven't noticed

@LailaShentenawi quipped [12]:

#DearEgyptAir [7] U make sure no one boards with a nail file! Yet u ignore that if someone got hit with the bread u serve he/she could die!

Waleed Mowafi mocked [13]:

#DearEgyptAir [7] I think you guys are pushing culinary boundaries by creating a fish, chicken & meat dish that all taste the same @flyegyptair [4]

@MarwaAyad was a little more straightforward [14]:

#DearEgyptAir [15] Who prepares and cooks those meals? Seriously who?