14 August 2012

Stories from 14 August 2012

Saudi Arabia: Reaching the Line of Gender Equality

While saluting the decision of Saudi Arabia to send two female athletes to the London Olympics, the Saudi Women Driving  deplores the fact that Saudi women cannot drive. “The whole world has been watching Saudi women and their triumphant appearance at the Olympics, and most news stories about them mention that...

Global Voices Podcast: More From #GV2012

  14 August 2012

In this edition of the Global Voices Podcast you'll hear more from our Summit which took place in Nairobi, Kenya, back in July, including some of our contributors and selected academics from around the world were also invited to share their knowledge and learn from the community.

Mauritania: Demanding an End to Military Rule

Mauritanians took to the streets in a massive march calling for the end of their country's military rule. The march, on June 23, 2012, was organised by the Coordination of Democratic Opposition (COD). It started near the Youth Centre in the capital Nouakchott, passing by the Security Directorate and the Palace of Justice, where participants chanted for the fall of the ruling regime. The day ended with a popular rally. Ahmed Jeddou reports.

Central Asia's Mixed Success at London Olympics

  14 August 2012

The 2012 Summer Olympics offered mixed successes for Central Asian states. While the Games proved nothing short of triumph for team Kazakhstan, the success of athletes from Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan was more moderate. And for Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan, the Olympics were largely a disappointment.

Popsong Stirs up Hong Kong-Mainland Chinese Conflict

  14 August 2012

A popular singer's latest album, “Not polite” has stirred up another round of Hong Kong-Mainland Chinese debate. The lyrics of one track, which states state: “not matter if you are ‘locusts’ (refers to mainland Chinese) or ‘mole crickets and ants’ (refers to Hong Kong people), should be polite to each...

Russia: Moscow's Intelligentsia on Trial in Tver?

RuNet Echo  14 August 2012

While this summer's 'hooliganism' charges against Pussy Riot have enjoyed the spotlight at home and abroad, there is another trial that perhaps reveals even more about tensions in modern Russian society. That is the case against Ilya Farber, a schoolteacher and eccentric recently sentenced to 8 years in prison and fined 3.2 million rubles for exhorting bribes from a building contractor.