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Bolivia: New Video Campaign Seeks to Boost Tourism

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‘Bolivia Awaits You’ is the name of a promotional campaign recently launched by the government of Bolivia. The campaign seeks to boost tourism and focuses on a promotional spot to be broadcast on television networks [1] [es] in the Americas and Europe. It also aims to promote domestic tourism through the United by Tourism programme [2] [es].

Bolivia's government announced that it will invest 20 million US dollars in the next five years in order to strengthen and promote community-based tourism [3] [es] that will primarily benefit indigenous communities. The website www.bolivia.travel [4] is part of the campaign. It concentrates information as well as touristic links of interest.

Netizens immediately reacted to the campaign on social media platforms.

Juan Pablo Apaza commented [5] [es] on the Viceministry of Tourism's Facebook page [6] [es]:

excelente, me dieron ganas de viajar!!

excellent, made me fancy travelling!!

Also, YouTube user hx939 commented on the campaign's official YouTube channel [7]:

Realmente nuestro país es hermoso muchas felicidades por el esfuerzo para promosionarlo y mostrar nuestros bellos paisajes y cultura. Dejemos de ver lo negativo en nuestras producciones y apoyemos el esfuerzo que hacen los demás en representación de todos los bolivianos.

Our country is really beautiful, congratulations for the effort of promoting it and showing our amazing landscapes and culture. Let's stop pointing out the negative in our productions and let's support the effort others do on behalf of all Bolivians.