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Video: No Pool? No Problem! Creative Solutions to Beat the Heat

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The hot summer in the Northern hemisphere is forcing many people to seek ways in which to escape the high temperatures or get some relief. These next images and videos show how with creativity and ingenuity, people young and old find ways in which to beat the heat.

Children in Medellín Colombia beat the heat by filling up a skateboarding pit with water and cooling off. The skateboarding pit is part of the park structures built by the Metro system in the areas directly under the Metrocable aerial gondola lift system. The photograph was taken by Diego Alzate while on vacation in Colombia this past July, 2012; and is used with his permission.

Children flood a skateboarding pit to make a pool for themselves [1]

Children flood a skateboarding pit to make a pool for themselves in Medellin, Colombia, picture by Diego Alzate, used with his permission

In Hong Kong, schoolchildren play under the fountain [2] at the Hong Kong Park in order to cool off.

In the Siloé neighborhood of Cali, Colombia, these children decided to transform the open air theater pit [3]into their pool.

But the heat solutions can also come in smaller sizes: in the Dominican Republic a washing tub on the street [4] is the perfect size for one.

This large, old styrofoam container looks like it may have been an appliance in a past life: in its new life [5] it has become a small pool for two young girls in Brazil

What if you are stuck in your home or office and have no air conditioning? This old fashioned method of putting a fan behind a pile of ice might do the trick [6].

How do you beat the heat?