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Ukraine: “Opposition Talk” Vs. Reality

Categories: Eastern & Central Europe, Ukraine, Citizen Media, Elections, Governance, Politics

Taras of Ukrainiana posts a video [1] of the roundtable discussion by the Ukrainian “united opposition” (which took place on July 17 and lasted 3 hours and 37 minutes) – as well as videos featuring “Dnipropetrovsk subway construction workers who have gone without pay for six months” and a Dnipropetrovsk woman who fell out of a jam-packed public mini-bus: “It's all talk and no action for Tymoshenko apparatchiks. […] Just like the Yanukovych crowd, they all want to talk their way back into Ukraine‚Äôs parliament. Does anyone of them feel like talking about how they screwed up? Not really. Just vote for them again, OK?”