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Uganda: Netizens Tweet Top Ugandan Lies

Categories: Sub-Saharan Africa, Uganda, Citizen Media, Humor

The hashtags #TopUgandanLies [1]and #TopKenyanlies [2] trended on 13 June, 2012, where it was all fun knowing the top lies in the region. Here are some top lies in Uganda:

@LostInKampala Reminds about one of the lies back in school where a student would lie others about where his/ her shoe was bought:

@LostInKampala [3]#TopUgandanLies‬ [4] I got this shoe from UK. My brother sent it to me

Pinnochio, symbol of propensity to lie. Photo credit: Enrico Mazzanti (1852-1910).

@Gladystty tweets about how some guys get ladies’ numbers:

@Gladystty [5]: [4]# [4]TopUgandanLies‬ [4] I don't usually ask for chics numbers but al make an exception for

@RugyendoQuotes tweeets about how some people brag about knowing important figures in government:

@RugyendoQuotes [6]#TopUgandanLies‬ [4] ‘Wait a second I pick this call. It's State House calling’

@LostInKampala tweets about how some people tend to lie about where they watch their movies from:

@LostInKampala [7]#TopUgandanLies‬ [4] “at cineplex watching a movie” in real sense dude is at “Jingo's” kafunda [Jingo's ghetto cinema hall]

@SW_Mark tweets about how some people in Uganda deny that they do not take alcohol yet they do:

@SW_Mark [8]#TopUgandanLies‬ [4] I don't booze …#muslim‬ [9]babes …guys don't deny

@WaddaMutebi wrote:

@WaddaMutebi [10]: #TopUgandanLies our technicians are working hard to restore network in your area (call center gal)

Ugandan time:

@PhenomenalPPP [11]: On my way, il be there in 15mins. Classic #topUgandanLies

Ugandan politics:

@Aminah_23 [12]: #TopUgandanLies M7 [Yoweri Museveni] wont have a 5th term @waddamutebi