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Iran: Songs of Freedom

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Iran, Arts & Culture, Freedom of Speech, Governance, Politics, Protest

In 2009, artists from around the world supported the Green Movement in Iran with their artwork, as protesters defied the Islamic regime over the presidential election results. Three years later United4Iran [1], a non profit organization campaigning for human rights in Iran, steps in with an online music compilation designed to revive hope for freedom for Iranians.

Firouzeh Mahmoudi, founder of United4Iran says to Global Voices:

We chose songs for the album “Azadi: Songs of Freedom for Iran” that had the right message – that spoke to the struggle for human rights and democracy in Iran and around the world. We operate from the perspective that struggles for human rights, democracy and freedom are global issues, and our best opportunity for success is solidarity. In that spirit, we also sought non-Iranian artists, which ended up including countries like Egypt, Palestine, Iraq, South Africa, the United States, etc

You can listen to all the songs here [2].

Firouzeh says:

Music speaks to the heart, and it is most often through emotion that people are moved to action… within the first 36 hours of the release on June 12, we had had more than 8,000 visitors to azadimusic.bandcamp.com [3] and more than 9,400 total listens of the songs.