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United States: “Shooting Blind” – Seeing With Different Eyes

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Every Tuesday, a group of visually impaired photographers come together in Manhattan, New York City. Some of the people attending are partially blind, while others have suffered from visual degeneration at an early age, or they were born blind. The name of the group is Seeing with Photography Collective [1] (SWCP).

In a book titled Shooting Blind [2], Mark Andres, the founder and head of this collective, explains that he has had many roles in this organization. As a matter of fact, he has worked as music arranger, guide, instructor, coworker, and sometimes as the main photographer or assistant. This means that cooperation among the team members and the volunteers commitment are the key of the group, for which light painting is the most common technique.

We share some photographs by the members SWPC (all of them republished with their permission), and a video by Steven Erra, one of the artists of the collective. These images depict some of passions and interests of the photographers. We hope you enjoy them!


by Donald Martinez and Phil Malek


by Hashim Kirkland

by Mark Andres

by SWPC Occupy Wall Street activists.


by SWPC. Picture shot in the opening of the exhibition in the Long Island Center of Photography.

Here is a video about Seeing with Photography Collective [1] group by Steven Erra:

This exhibition can be seen in New York in the Long Island Center of Photography [3] in the Afroamerican Museum [4], which is located in the 110 Franklin Street, Hempstead, Long Island until June 29th. SWPC also invites you to visit its Flickr [5] page. Comments on the photographs are highly appreciated.

Light is essenciatly indifferent 

 just until it is in a lens or in a cold camera

becomes meaningful 

- Steven Erra