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Zimbabwe: Netizens Use Facebook Against Compatriot

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Zimbabwean followers of the immensely popular continent-wide reality show Big Brother Africa Stargame have taken to Facebook to register their displeasure with the behavior of one of their compatriots. Zimbabwe has two housemates remaining in BBA Stargame and one of them, Maneta, has become the target of unrelenting brickbats.

A Facebook page named “TanetaNaManeta,” [1] meaning “we are tired of Maneta” in Zimbabwe’s dominant ChiShona language, was set up on 21 May. The page has attracted more than 1,250 likes.


Photograph of Maneta on TanetaNaManeta Facebook page.

The creators say the page “is an Anti-Maneta Campaign for Maneta. We want her out of Big Brother Stargame. It is Zimbabwe originated page.”

The page administrator posted [3]:

They say Maneta is popular thats why we keep talking about her,but so was Hitler!dont make you a good person.point is,it dont mean much to be popular for the wrong reasonz.

The administrator posted [4] again:

Reliably informed tht she is a first or second year long distance student of UNISA. she is studying Buisness Law, suposed to graduate 2014. This means she has done at least 30 modules of the degree. My point is the highiest academic certificate she holds is an A’ Level certificate. Who in their right mind looks down on other people saying havana kudzidza [they are not educated] whilst aine [they have] A'Level? I mean people with Degrees, Masters’, PHD's are watching. Whom does she think she is impressing?? Grade fives???

The administrator invited a firestorm [5] of responses with the teaser:

As……………………… as Maneta
fill in the gap, post with most LIKES by 12midday 13 June 2012 WINS AIRTIME

Daryll Kuda Muquacy responded [6]:


Farai Donald wrote [7]:


Thomson Nyonierro filled in the gap [8] with:

Beautiful n brainless

Leroy Taona Mangayi posted [9]:


Mavunganidze Shumirai Mercy commented [10]:


Leroy Taona Mangai wrote [11]:


Mai Lamisha Mabgwe said [12]:

Dramer Queen

Tamari Tama remarked [13]:


Abbie WekwaGambiza referred [14] to Maneta’s Shona-accented English:


Mordecai T Mazzy was not amused [15] with all the excitement:

Ah,wen u climb da lader of succes, thoz wu fail n their own livez start hatin on yoz .shame 4 pipo to be so bored dat dey fynd entertainment in tis kwakwakwa.HATERZ.2 bad she kips survyvin gvn u mre reason to tok. hahaia! Linyile [Ah, when you climb the ladder of success, those who have failed in their own lives start hating you. Shame on people for being so bored that they find entertainment in this. Haters. Too bad she keeps surviving giving you more reasons to talk.]

Precious Gumbo-Mutsauki went for the jugular [16] with this post:

Maneta is a foolish presumptuous busy body with a motor mouth that she has no control over. She claims Christianity as a religion and yet she denegrates it with her impetuous lies, wicked gossiping and her self glorification of 4 failed suicide attempts (all in the name of attention and pity seeking), the questionable businessmen and club owners she has dated who for the life of me I cannot farthom what they saw besides the trophy ornament that she is. Caught up in hearing her own rhetoric forgetting that she has since left the confines of her flat in BYO [Bulawayo], she reveals to all of Africa not only her own dirty linen but goes on to do the same for Roki, her former workmates at Zimra, Zesa, her uncle, brother also not forgetting to mention you and me. Intelligence is not being able to speak loudly nor is it about passing exams or showing off that you have committed yourself to seeking a degree (which she has put on the back burner to seek the $). Intelligence has to speak also about higher norms such as information management which is something Maneta needs to learn but won't because she loves having juice even about things she doesn't know about. She want's to be someone respected, heard and looked up to because like many people she's never had that and she also lacked proper parenting (not her fault) which is why she speaks about what she has/had materially (seeing that she now says she sold her car). Too bad she might not achieve any of the 3 listed attributes if her attitude in the house is anything to go by.

Zimbabwe's Munya Chidzonga was one of the two finalists during the fifth season of Big Brother Africa. Although he lost to Nigerian musician and actor Uti Nwachukwu, he ended up “winning” US$300,000 [17]. Zimbabweans cried foul over the voting system claiming that there was rigging in favour of the Nigerian finalist. A Zimbabwean businessman decided to set up a consolation fund for Munya. Munya ended up receiving US$300,000 from the consolation fund which was presented to him by President Mugabe.

The winner of Big Brother Africa in 2010 was Zimbabwe's Wendall Parson [18] whose nationality and patriotism was initially questioned by state media because of his race. He is white Zimbabwean.

Big Brother Africa is a television show produced by Endemol in South Africa. The show is the most popular TV reality show in Africa.