Egypt: Tweet to Cheat in High School

Social media is being used to leak high school examination questions, say Egyptian bloggers. The same media that has been credited for fueling the Arab revolutions is now being accused of allowing students to cheat.

On Twitter, Ramy Yaacoub writes:

@RamyYaacoub: HighSchoolers are “crowd sourcing” answers to leaked exams for 2nd day, Min. of education denying it #Egypt follow @waelabbas for more

The results of high school examinations determine the faith of students across the Arab world. Competition for top places is fierce as it guarantees spots in universities. Thousands of students are currently sitting their final exams in Egypt. The exams continue until July 4.

Veteran blogger Wael Abbas announces [ar]:

هاهاها العيال بتوع ثانوية عامة عاملين هاشتاج للغش على تويتر اسمه : عبيلو واديلو – لووووول هاموت من الضحك – ده بجد على فكره والله !!!
@waelabbas: Haha! The children sitting their final high school exams have a hash tag on Twitter to cheat. I can't stop laughing. I swear this is not a joke.

And he adds:

العيال بتتويت من جوه اللجان هاهاها – كده ها يحجبوا تويتر على فكرة
@waelabbas: The children are tweeting from inside the exam rooms. Haha! This way they will block Twitter.

Asmaa shares the same fear. She writes:

منك لله انت وهوه بسببك هيقفلوا تويتر يادي النيشه هنفضفض فينا باه هنرجع الفيس تاني ولا جوجوبلس
@asmaaia: May Allah take revenge on you! Because of your actions, they will shut Twitter. Where will be rant then? We will have to return to Facebook or use Google Plus

A screenshot of the Blackberry message with the leaked exam answers posted by Wael Abbas on Twitter

Abbas challenges the Ministry of Education, which is responsible for the exams, saying:

انا جالي الامتحان كله يا وزارة وسخة !!! الاجوبة النموذجية فعلا عالبلاك بيري !!! ده سكرين شوت ‎‏

@waelabbas: I have the entire examination questions!!! The ideal answers are actually on blackberry messenger and this is a screen shot

He continues:

طيب انا وصلني حتى الان 15 سكرين شوت باجوبة امتحان اللغة الانجليزية للثانوية العامة والامتحان لسه فاضل له ساعة ونص! حد عاوز يقدم بلاغ ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟
@waelabbas: Until now I have received 15 screen shots of the English language exam for the secondary level and an hour and a half are still left for the exam to finish. Will anyone lodge a complaint?

A few minutes later, he tweets:

معي الان 72 سكرين شوت لاجابات امتحاني اللغة العربية والدين !!!
@waelabbas: I now have 72 screenshots for the Arabic language and religion exams

At the time of writing this post, the English exam was over and Abbas was in the process of publishing screenshots of the leaked exam on Facebook here.

Meanwhile, Mahmoud Nasef asks:

#عبيلو_واديلو‬‏ هاش تاج للغش الجماعى لطلبة الثانويه .. هو ده الجيل اللى هيقود المرحله القادمه .. فين وزارة التربيه والتعليم من المهزله دى
@m7moudnasef: There is a hash tag for group cheating for high school students. Isn't this the generation which will lead the next level? Where is the Ministry of Education from this farce?

The hash tag for cheating is found here.


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