4 June 2012

Stories from 4 June 2012

Sri Lanka: Towards The Perfect Reconciliation

  4 June 2012

Elijah Hoole looks at the reconciliation process in Sri Lanka from a different angle. The blogger thinks that a perfect reconciliation process should entail work towards building or rather restoring inter-ethnic relationships and making people care for each other.

Mauritania: Students Sacked because of Activism

The story of the expulsion of students from Nouakchott University due to their activism has resurfaced, this time following a decision by the disciplinary council at the Medicine Faculty to sack a group of students who held a voluntary week to clean the faculty. That decision was met with disappointment by their colleagues, who considered it as a threat to all medicine students and an offense to them. Ahmed Jeddou reviews the situation, in this post originally written in Arabic.

Tunisia: Netizens Voice Frustration Over Slow Legislature

Tunisian netizens are turning to their keyboards and touch screens to voice their frustration with the performance of their representatives at the country's Constituent Assembly. Six months after their election, Members of Parliament and government officials seem to be having serious challenges meeting the people's various, and often exaggerated, expectations.

Greece: “Stay in Europe” Movement

  4 June 2012

A new movement, “Stay in Europe” [el], aims to gather all Greek citizens who want Greece to remain in the Eurozone and European Union in a big demonstration in front of Syntagma Square in Athens one week before elections (June, 10, 2012). The movement has started an online campaign calling all people, regardless...