3 June 2012

Stories from 3 June 2012

Kazakhstan: Pay to Get Your Artwork Noticed

Anara gives [ru] an insider's view on how a young artist can get ‘noticed’ by the art establishment in Kazakhstan. Apparently, talent is not a substitute for lots of money that emerging artists need to pay for presenting their artwork at galleries and having specialized journals write favorable reviews of...

Ecuador: #CasoSatya, Homophobia and Freedom of Expression

  3 June 2012

Nicola Rothon and Helen Bicknell are a lesbian couple from the United Kingdom that legalized their union in Ecuador; however, they were not allowed to both register as mothers of Satya, conceived by artificial insemination. Some editorials have generated various opinions on social networks about issues like the limits to freedom of expression and homophobia.

Iran: A Blogger's Life in Danger

Hossein Ronaghi Maleki,jailed blogger,has started his hunger strike since last Saturday.His health conditions are in dire situation and he was moved for two hours to a hospital [fa].Another political prisoner started[fa] hunger strike to support him.

Africa: African Perspectives Online

  3 June 2012

African Perspectives is an online platform for Africans on the continent or in the Diaspora – that is People of African Descent – to showcase their very own perspective on a given situation, a cultural event in their region, talk and discuss approaches of investments in their country or how...

Peru: Mayor of Espinar Arrested Amid Mining Conflict

  3 June 2012

Amid a heavy police deployment, the mayor of the province of Espinar, Oscar Mollohuanca, was arrested on May 30 at midday. The mayor had been in hiding after a state of emergency was declared in the area because of the conflict between the community of Espinar and the mining company Xstrata Tintaya, and especially after learning there was an arrest warrant out for him.