2 June 2012

Stories from 2 June 2012

Nepal: Time To Find Leaders

  2 June 2012

Ushaft proposes that time has come for a Leaders-for-Nepal initiative. Because election or not, the nation needs a nationwide network of youths committed to some core political and economic values.

China: Lives of Kidney Sellers

  2 June 2012

Alia from ChinaBeat translated a local feature story on the lives of kidney sellers in China. What they gets in return is about USD5600 per kidney.

Brazil: Facebook Censors Photos of the ‘SlutWalk’

  2 June 2012

Not long after the SlutWalk which took place in several Brazilian cities, photos in which some women appear bare-breasted in protest against male chauvinism were deleted by Facebook for “violating the declaration of rights and responsibilities.” The social network has found itself at the core of the debate about the distinction between “gratuitous” nudity, pornography and social activism.

Uganda: Netizens Show Support for National Team on Twitter, Facebook

  2 June 2012

The Ugandan national team will be in Angola this weekend to start their 2014 World Cup qualifiers. The match will take place on the same date Ugandans celebrate the Uganda Matyrs' Day. The Uganda Cranes almost made a historic comeback to the Africa Nations Cup tournament last year after 33 years. Using Twitter and Facebook, Uganda show their undying support for the Cranes:

Egypt: Life Imprisonment for Mubarak

The world watched as an Egyptian court sentenced former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak and his Interior Minister Habib Al Adly to life imprisonment for their role in the killing of protesters. The historic verdict was broadcast live, prompting netizens to post reactions online as the court session progressed.

Hong Kong: Complaint Culture

  2 June 2012

Everything can be a subject of complaint in Hong Kong, like croaking frogs, flowering trees and tweeting birds. Regardless of the fairness of the complaints, the government and private property management would act on the complaints, this time by catching frogs. (via Bad Canto)

China: Permit a moderate amount of corruption

  2 June 2012

Fauna from ChinaSMACK translated state controlled media Global Times’ editorial on fighting against corruption in China and netizens’ response to their idea that people should accept an appropriate amount of corruption in China.

Ethiopia: Land, History and Justice in Gambella

  2 June 2012

Land activists are using online petitions, Facebook and Twitter to campaign against land grabbing in Ethiopia. It is reported that villagers in Gambella province are forced to settle in state-designated villages to pave way for land grabbers. Gambella is the poorest region in Ethiopia.

Kazakhstan Joins the Central Asian Ban on ‘The Dictator’

Following in the footsteps of Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan has stopped [ru] showing The Dictator, Sacha Baron Cohen‘s latest spoof blockbuster. Baron Cohen's 2006 comedy film, Borat, which ridicules Kazakhstan has also been banned in the country. Responding to the news, @registan_net tweets: ‘Come on, Kazakhstan, people are going to start thinking you...