Mauritania: Al Qaeda Execution Stirs Debate

A YouTube video posted [ar] on the Mauritanian Al Akhbar website on May 12 has angered Mauritanians. The video shows a 40-year-old Mauritanian man being interrogated by members of Al Qaeda, who accuse him of espionage. He was later executed [not shown on the video] after confessing to working with Mauritanian intelligence.

The man names several leaders in the military and intelligence whom he dealt with, and claims that they were supervising his work. He also mentions that General Mohammed Ould Makt, director of the research and documentation section (foreign investigation), was the officer who recruited him.

Alegcom blog published a detailed report about the execution of the Mauritanian man by Al Qaeda, and the history of his work with Mauritanian intelligence and Al Qaeda. In addition, it demanded [ar] an investigation be opened into the case:

مستمرون في تجنيد شبان موريتانيين وتقديمهم قرابين لشيطان الأوهام بشمال مالي… حتي الآن ذبح 9 وهنالك العشرات يدفعون دفعا في اتجاه الموت المحقق مقابل دريهمات زهيدة تدفعهم الفاقة لاقتناصها ويكونون الضحية الأقل حظا فيها ويتم تجاهل أسرهم من بعدهم أويقدم لهم شىء على أنه هدايا وهبات وهولايساوى شعرة فى مفرغ الرأس… ولأن الموضوع حيوي ويتعلق بحياة الناس وبأمن البلاد وبقضايا لا يمكن السكوت عليها فإن التحقيق في ملابساته يكون أضعف الإيمان.
We are continuing to recruit young Mauritanians and offer them as sacrifices to the devil of illusion in northern Mali [where Mauritania is fighting Al Qaeda]. Up to now nine have been slaughtered, and there are dozens being pushed in the direction of certain death, in return for a few dirhams that poverty drives them to seize. They become unfortunate victims, and their families are ignored or given insignificant compensation like it was a gift. Because this is a vital subject related to people's lives and national security, along with issues that can not be ignored, the least we should do is open an investigation.

Al Kaashif blog wrote [ar] about the case:

أم الفضائح اليوم هي قصة ذالك العميل المسكين الذي آمن ذات يوم أن له وطن يفديه بروحه فأرتمى في أحضان الجنرال محمد ولد مكت، الذي أحاله إلى الرائد أحبيبي ولد الدلول، قام العميل بعدة أنشطة في خدمة موريتانيا وقدم عدة معلومات هامة قبل اكتشافه من قبل القاعدة التي صورت فيديو التحقيق معه آخذة تفاصيل الخدمات التي قدمها لبلد دون مقابل الحماية المتوجبة على المسؤولين عنه قبل أن تعمد إلى قتله حسب الأخبار.
The biggest scandal today is the story of this poor agent who one day believed he had a homeland worth sacrificing himself for, diving into the embrace of General Mohammed Ould Makt, who sent him to Major Ahabibi Ould Al Dalool. The agent undertook several activities in the service of Mauritania, and sent some important intel before being detected by Al Qaeda, who filmed their interrogation of him, and acquired the details of all the services he had undertaken for the country without his officials’ protection, before killing him, according to Al Akhbar.

Activist Mohamed Abdo commented:

@medabdou الإستخبارات الموريتانية تتلاعب بالعملاء الصغار، ارواحهم على المحك وأجورهم ضئيلة وبعد الوفاة يتنكرون لهم
The Mauritanian intelligence are playing with junior agents. Their lives are on the line, with low wages, and they are betrayed after death.

He added:

@medabdou قادة الإستخبارات هم من ضمن ألئك الجنرالات أصحاب الكروش الذين لا يفيدون إلا ف “تزواز اللقمة” قوم يحكمون بفكر حجري وعقلية متسلطة ونفسية مريضة

 Intelligence heads are those generals with big bellies who are only good at embezzling; they rule with stone-age thinking, a domineering mentality, and sick personality.

Activist Mohamed Ould Jedou wrote:

@mohdjedou يدعوهم القائد المصاب بالتخمه وهم ينثنون على انفسهم من الجوع ويقول لهم الوطن بحاجتكم يموتون لتكون جماجمهم نياشين تزين صدره. اي ظلم هذا

 The satiated leader calls on those who are starving and tells them the country needs them, and they die so their skulls become decorations adorning his chest. What is this injustice?

In his turn activist Ahmed Ould Abdallah tweeted a great deal about this case, and wrote:

@ahmedbah لقد قتلت القاعدة أبنائنا، وجنرالاتنا لاهون مع عاهراتهم، ولياليهم الحمراء
Al Qaeda killed our sons, and our generals are spending their nights playing with their whores.

He added:

@ahmedbah مسكين ذالك العميل، المواطن الذي قتل على الحدود بعد التحقيق معه تحت فوهات البنادق وكشف للقاعدة الحقيقة كلها. ‎‫#عميل‬‏-مسكين
That poor agent, a citizen who was killed on the border after being interrogated facing the barrel of a gun, and revealing the whole truth to Al Qaeda.

Ahmed Ould Abdallah also criticized Mauritania entering this war for the benefit of former French president Sarkozy:

@ahmedbah ولأن ساركوزي لا يستطيع أن يغامر بأرواح عملائه، تذكر أن له دين عند الجنرال عزيز فقدمه لحرب لا ناقة لنا فيها ولا جمل..!
And because Sarkozy could not risk his own agents’ lives, he remembered that General Aziz [president of Mauritania] owed him, and gave him a war that Mauritania has nothing to do with.

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