Jordan: Jordanians Say “Thank You!” to Monarchy

Jordanian Twitter users have been using the hashtag #شكرا, or “thank you”, to tweet sarcastically about what the Jordanian monarchy has done for the country.

The tweets are a reaction to the slowness of the ongoing reform process in Jordan.

While King Abdullah has acknowledged the need for reform in Jordan, he has been criticised for not establishing a timetable for the introduction of governments based on a parliamentary majority. He recently appointed a new government, but it is seen as too conservative and MPs have complained of “elusiveness” in introducing real reforms.

Jordan's King Abdullah II arrives to attend the swearing in ceremony of the new 30-member Cabinet, at the Royal Palace in Amman, Jordan. Photo by Nader Daoud, copyright © Demotix (2/5/2012).

Mahmoud Homsi started the hashtag by tweeting:

@Mahmoudhomsi: #شكرا‬‏ على الاستقلال الاقتصادي
Thank you for economic independence

Monther Hassouneh added:

@mhassouneh:#شكرا‬‏ على محاربة الفقر
Thank you for fighting poverty

Nabil Barqawi wrote:

@Bani_2adam:#شكرا‬‏ على بيع كل ما يمكن بيعه
Thank you for selling whatever can be sold

Hadeel Maaitah tweeted:

@girl_brainy:‫#شكرا‬‏ على إختصار وجودنا بلقمة العيش
Thank you for reducing our existence to [chasing after] bread to eat

Saif Abuhazeem said:

@Saif_Abuhazeem:#شكرا‬‏ لالي حكا ماضون بالاصلاح وبعدنا ما شفنا اشي
Thank you to those who said, “We're going ahead with reforms”, while we still haven't seen anything

Mohammad Ziad wrote:

@mohaziad:#شكرا‬‏ لجهاز الدرك العام على جهوده في قمع المطالبين بالإصلاح
Thank you for the existence of the police who suppress those who ask for reform

Anas Elayyan said:

@AnasElayyan ‫#شكرا‬‏ لمجلس النواب انهم بدهم رواتب مدى الحياة و الناس ما معها تآكل
Thank you for the parliament whose members want salaries for life while people don't have food to eat


  • Deema Farraj

    What’s so weird that the writer didn’t mention that jo tweeps used the same word Thank you in a sarcastic way to criticize the oposition and the protests that are childish, no vision, total chaos
    And what’s funnier there is over 70000 tweeps from Jordan and who used this hashtag were 10 people and for half an hour. Anyways I would tell the writer thank you for showing how objective you were in this article ( sarcasm)


    • I’m sorry, i respect your opinion but i have to disagree with you. I was very objective by showing the true meaning behind the hashtag. If you think i left out certain opinions I’m sorry but this is totally up to you. I can’t include EVERYTHING. The whole point and purpose was to show why the hashtag came out.

      • Deema Farraj

        again first you were not objective and by putting the tweets of each #jotweep you should have put the other tweets where people thanked the oposition of being dictators and childish
        Also it’s important to mention that No one mentioned the Monarchy those who complained were talking about government Not the Monarchy
        Again you twisted the whole hashtag into an illusion of your own mind


  • Jordanianpower

    Lack of objectivity by the writer makes the article unbalanced, as the writer failed, so it seems on purpose, the Jordanian tweeps to His Majesty in his reform process. Also the writer did not mention in any way the criticism the opposition is facing either through twitter or Facebook by Jordanians who are convinced in the steps that has been taken by His Majesty.

  • That is untrue, i didn’t twist anything at all. There were tweets that were specifically talking about the monarchy. It is up to you with all due respect, how you look at this from your own perspective is your concern. And to be fair, yes there are some childish acts from the opposition but the childish acts from the government + monarchy are way more. You have your opinion and i have mine.

  • Khouloud Rushaidat

    Apparently you stopped reading after the first ten tweets you included in your aspiring article, you might have been in a rush to write something that you felt was controversial or you’re plain biased. Either way, take a second look at the hashtag you mentioned and you will surely notice the hundreds of tweets that actually thank HM king Abdullah for all he’s done to this country. And for future reference, when you want to express your own personal views and feelings write a poem, not a biased excuse for an article.

    • Sorry I’m not into writing poems. I don’t appreciate the way you are talking therefor i won’t reply to you. See i have this policy that you & others might find “Stupid”. I don’t reply to people who don’t appreciate others opinions and don’t discuss properly. You calling this article biased and asking me to write poems instead is something i don’t find nice and polite at all. Therefor i won’t reply.

  • Khouloud Rushaidat

    Wow, that was one hell of a long reply for someone who doesn’t want to reply. Contradicting one’s self and inaccuracy always make for a good journalist. Bravo!

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  • Loved your article

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