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Spain: The First Anniversary of the Indignant Movement

Categories: Western Europe, Spain, Citizen Media, Digital Activism, Economics & Business, Politics, Protest

The initiatives to commemorate the first anniversary of the 15-M (15 May) or Indignant Movement keep cropping up. Among them is this video by the group Informatbcn [1] [cat], where several Attac [2] Europe representatives are interviewed concerning this phenomenon. Opinions are gathered from Iceland, France, Greece, Austria, and Germany.

Informatbcn started in Barcelona during the 15-M (May 15, 2011) to promote reflection and critical thinking. Their slogan, as well as their name, is the Catalan word “informa't”, which means “inform yourself”.

Here's the video “15M one year after by Attac Europe”:

 Attac (Association for the Taxation of Financial Transactions and for Citizens’ Action) is an international organization part of the alter-globalization movement against financial neoliberalism.