Nepal: Shristi Shrestha Crowned Miss Nepal 2012

Discussions about Miss Nepal echoed in all social media channels recently as organizers selected Shristi Shrestha as Miss Nepal in the Grand Finale of the beauty pageant of this year. The event was organised at Hotel de l’Annapurna in the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu.

Sixteen participants made it to the final competition of the most popular beauty pageant in Nepal. Shristi Shrestha who stood bold and confident was declared Miss Nepal 2012 in the 17th edition of the pageant. She will represent Nepal in Miss World 2012 which will be held on August 18, 2012, in Inner Mongolia, China. Subeksha Khadka and Nagma Shrestha were crowned Miss Nepal International and Miss Nepal Earth respectively in the pageant. Watch the video of the crowning here!

Although an annual event, this year’s contest occurred after seven months so that the winners get sufficient time to be groomed and sent to international beauty pageants. Nepal has yet to see any significant achievements from international beauty pageants.

Miss Nepal 2012, Shristi Shrestha, the name that was on everybody's lips for the night, was already an established professional model and was often referred as British-Nepali model as she had spent a long time living in the UK. Shrestha replaced former Miss Nepal Malina Joshi who had the crown only for seven months.

Shristi Shrestha - Miss Nepal - Image via Naresh Shrestha, Himalayan Times (used with permission)

Shristi Shrestha – Miss Nepal – Image via Naresh Shrestha, Himalayan Times (used with permission)

One thing interesting with Miss Nepal however, is it never fails to be controversial. Be it protests from women right activists or the way it is organised, controversies soar for each contest. And then there are post-contest personal reasonings behind who deserved the crown better.

In a post titled “Reasons why I Missed Miss Nepal 2012 and Consequences”, Sworup Shakya writes:

Turns out Miss Nepal 2012 was already decided, long before it even stared. I found out that there were multiple pages and blog posts that were supporting one lady, Shristi Shrestha for the crown.

The event of the Miss Nepal Grand Finale was organised outdoors for the first time and in relations to that another blogger – Samriddhi Rai, who herself was a Miss Nepal participant once and brought the title of Best personality Award home from Miss Tourism Queen International 2011 – comments:

The stage was bad. I mean it was so, you know, school-functions-have-better-stage-than-that types. I at least assumed that it must've looked good on TV but NO, people who watched the event on TV had the same notion.

Justifying the criticisms, Miss Nepal 2002, Malvika Subba, one of the most popular Miss Nepal ever, writes on her Facebook page:

Grapes are sour cried the fox and that's what some people remind me of when they criticize others win and things that they could never achieve. I wonder if u had achieved the same status, would you still be saying grapes are sour!!!!

Miss Nepal criticisms are one thing that will continue forever. Who was more deserving in the contest will also keep varying on individual’s views and the discussions will keep on going. But what really matters is whether the country see some progress from the winners in international pageants. This year’s winner on my view deserved the crown and so under the sub heading “Shristi Shrestha – a New Hope“, I wrote on my blog:

Shristi Shrestha is a new hope for Nepal in international beauty pageants, especially when the country has yet to see some notable achievements in crucial pageants like Miss World. Congratulations to Shristi – She deserved it!

What do you think about Miss Nepal 2012 – Shristi Shrestha?


  • ktmko keto

    i m shocked to know that mess Nepal was held , i think due 2 load shedding i scarcely get time 2 watch it

  • tina

    I think she won just by luck. after seeing her interview in NTV i am very sure that the question asked in pageant was luckily easy for her to answer. as i saw in interview question is something and she is answering something. Only thing she has is her height and body. there were other girls who were more deserving to win title.. like Nagma,Akesha… but I hope in this 7 month period for miss world contest she is well groomed and trained.

    • Shaina

      i second tina’s opinion

    • Alex

      You have to realize the the question and answer round was only one section of a whole lot of other categories that they were judged on. If she screwed up the judges questions round, I am sure her excellence in the other rounds added up. Hence, she won….obviously she clearly stood out from the crowd…she had the x-factor…it was quite clear. Her walk, choice of gown, expressions, and the way she carried herself was exceptional…Nepal has finally found a winner…she wont let the country down.

    • reetu

      I have not yet watched the event but what the bug fuss over Shristi Shrestha being miss nepal. She is a product of England at the end of the day.

  • Kiran

    Miss Nepal 2012 Shristi Shrestha is a beautiful lady!!! n she deserved it !!! but the whole event organization was lame!! from the beginning the copied sound track of 21st century .. gave bad impression !! and the why!!! that stupid group dance!!! and the designed dresses !!!! ha ha always the same problem with organizers!!!

    • Alex

      Next time organizers should get Indian contractors for the job!

      • Kiran

        nope my friend .. thats not a good idea.. he he .. well Indians r good when it comes to stage designing n organizing programs.. bt why bring them when our country has unemployment problem.. !!!
        N i dont think its the problem of Nepali designers n program planers .. i think its with the MONEY!!!! N commission!!! we have better organizers n designers bt Nepal always falls in the pit of commission !!! n lands in the unprofessional result.

  • nepaligirl

    I think she was very well deserving. I don’t think that the evaluation should be done solely by the question and answer thing. After all she needs to represent Nepal in the international arena. I am sure she will make us proud.

  • Raj

    A girl who has already gone under knife; Nose job, Lips Job and (even freaking B.B Job??)…. How could an artificial girl like her become a Miss Nepal?? and what the bloody hell most of the judges were rookie and Indians… Shame on the organizers. You guys have made the mockery out of Nepal’s most prestigious beauty (+brain) pageant. Please organizers don’t act cheap; please never let your sponsors pick our Miss Nepal, have genuine Judges who know their job.

    • Kiran

      umm!! u got the point bt.. abt the surgery thing i didnt knw !! bt thats smthing common these days.. well not in the case of Nepal! I agree its not fair to the naturally beautiful ladies…but ” Fakes r like cakes “, these days n ppl believe in ’em. Well If her nose, lips , boobs wont fall i think its ok for a year :D !!!

  • Alex

    Nose job, lip job or boob job are the reality of today…so get over it. Research on how Venezuela always wins the pageants and you will know the competition out there. Until then stop whining…in the end, it is the result that matters..not how you got it.

    • but the problem is that the surgeries had made her look even more ugly and old…maybe the impression is because of her uk background however it doesnt show up in her attitude,accent and the package as a whole

  • Diva

    Sure Shristis pretty(had nose job done), comes off gracefully, is modest but she lacks confidence, intelligence and an attitude a Miss Nepal should portray. She isnt well-spoken, has bad sentence constructions in Nepali or English both. Honestly, previous Miss Nepals were a lot more smarter and confident. She also had an advantage to win as she has done a lot of modeling etc in the past. Apparently, she also joined Miss Nepal last minute after not bieng able to do it in 2010. She’s Lucky. Well hopefully she’ll improve her personality & make Nepal proud in Miss World! :}

  • The Judge

    She is not very beautiful. The girls at the back are more beautiful compared to here.



  • Yubithapa

    C cud won de
    Miss worldd


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