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China: Tibetan Netizen Responses to the Self-Immolations in Tibet

Categories: East Asia, China, Citizen Media, Human Rights, Media & Journalism, Politics, Protest

The April 2012 special “Hot Spots” online issue of the academic journal Cultural Anthropology [1] focuses on the recent self-immolations in Tibet [2] with a comprehensive background page [3]. It features an impressive collection of scholarly responses to the self-immolations by well-known Tibet scholars such as Tsering Shakya [4], Janet Gyatso [5] and Elliot Sperling [6]. Netizens and bloggers are highlighted, such as the contributions by high-profile Beijing based Tibetan blogger Woeser [7]High Peaks Pure Earth [8] and Khabdha [9]. The editorial board of the Tibetan Political Review [10] analyze the Exile Tibetan Government handling of this phenomenon.