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Slovakia: Protest Against Construction Near Bratislava Castle

Categories: Eastern & Central Europe, Slovakia, Citizen Media, Governance, History, Law, Protest

On April 18, 200 [1]-250 [2] [sk] people attended a protest against illegal construction near Bratislava Castle [3], organized by Bratislava Openly [4] [sk]. The west side of a new white house (a continuation of a historical building, photo here [5]) had to consist of just the ground floor and a minimal attic, but the builder – architect DuĊĦan Fischer – discovered a 2.5-meter [6] [sk] mistake in the measurements of height above sea level and decided to use it to increase the building's height illegally (photo [7]). Such violations are widespread in Slovakia; to set a precedent and prevent this from happening again, the protesters demanded demolishing at least part of the building.