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Iran: Mad Graffiti Week for Political Prisoners

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Iran, Arts & Culture, Citizen Media, Digital Activism, Human Rights

From April 1-7, 2012 the Facebook group Mad Graffiti Week Iran [1] called on everyone, to stencil in honor of hundreds of Iranian political prisoners.

People left their marks [2] on shirts, fences, their homes and clothing.

The effort was inspired and supported by the Egyptian “Mad Graffiti Week” [3] which drew thousands of followers in protest against the current military regime.

Linking the virtual world to the real

Here is a step by step guide on YouTube explaining how to make a stencil and use it in real world.

There are several photos from around the world shared in the Mad Graffiti Week Facebook photo album [4] showing how people around the world supported the initiative.


Mad Graffiti Week for Iran in Amsterdam [4]

Oakland, California


A Free Bahareh stencil during Mad Graffiti Week Iran

Washington DC
Mad Graffiti Week for Iran in Washington DC [4]

Graffiti on behalf of Iranian prisoners has appeared in The Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, Egypt, many United States cities and beyond, bringing the faces of political prisoners we have grown accustomed to seeing online into a real world environment.