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France: Pirate Party Fields Candidates in Legislative Election

Categories: Western Europe, France, Germany, Elections, Politics, Technology

The Pirate Party, which was started in Sweden [1] in 2006, has since spread to other countries in Europe. In Germany [2], the local elections of Sunday, March 25, 2012, allowed the party to enter the parliament of Saarland [3] after an earlier victory admitted it to the Berlin Parliament. This result has inspired its French counterpart to put forward candidates for this year's French Legislative Election. The newly created Alsace branch [4] [fr] of the Pirate Party is preparing an “essentially digital campaign costing zero Euros”. Le blog de la vache libre [5] [fr] hosted a video [6] [fr] interview in which a candidate explains the objectives [7] [fr] of the party, and journalism student Jérémie Nadé describes [8] the anticipated pirate invasion on his blog.