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Egypt: The Abou Ismail Poster Frenzy

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This post is part of our special coverage of Egypt Revolution 2011 [1].

Preparations are in full swing for the presidential elections [2] in Egypt, set for May 23 and 24, 2012, with candidates’ election posters already up on the streets. But when it comes to Hazem Salah Abou-Ismail [3], he sure beats all the rest in the poster frenzy. His posters are almost seen almost everywhere – from walls [4] to cars [5] to refrigerators [6] to babies [7] and even on the posters of other candidates [8].

Infinite number of Abou Ismail Posters [9]

Infinite number of Abou Ismail Posters

Egyptian netizens would not let the opportunity slip without poking fun at the poster bonanza.

Mohamed Hamza jokes [ar]:

@mohamad__hamza [10]: اتوقع ان من اولويات الرئيس القادم الفقر و البطاله و ازاله بوسترات ابو اسماعيل

@mohamad__hamza [10]: I believe the main priorities of Egypt's next president is to fight poverty, create new jobs and remove Abou-Ismail posters off the walls.

Randa Tawil adds [ar]:

@randatawil [11]: دلوقتي لما تحب توصف لحد عنوان قوله إمشي طوالي مع بوسترات أبو إسماعيل بعدين هتلاقي تقاطع سيب أول بوستر و تاني بوستر و لف مع تالت بوستر يمين

@randatawil [11]: Now when you want to describe an address to someone, you better say, keep going in the street with Abou-Ismail posters, then you will find a crossroad, leave the first poster and the second poster and with the third one turn to the left.

Monda Salem continues [ar]:

@Mondasalem [12]: عاجل وحصرى: وكالة ناسا لعلوم الفضاء تعلن عن اكتشاف 5000 بوستر للشيخ ابوسماعيل فوق سطح كوكب المرّيخ.

@Mondasalem [12]: Breaking news: NASA announced that it has discovered 5,000 posters for Hazem Salah Abou-Ismail on Mars

And Attiya Attiya notes [ar]:

@attiya_attiya [13]:للمرة الثالثة خلال يومين .. أحد المواطنين يقسم لي أنه رأى بأم عينيه شارع خالي تماما من بوسترات ابو اسماعيل

@attiya_attiya [13]: For the third time in two days, someone swears that he has seen streets with no posters of Abou-Ismail in them!!

It didn't stop here, as a new meme was started among Egyptian netizens, along with a tumblr account under the name “Abo-Ismail Doing Stuff [14].” Hundreds of other photographs were also posted both on Twitter and Facebook, where Abo Ismail is depicted to have his very own version of the popular social networking site:

Abou Ismail Facebook [15]

Abou Ismail version of Facebook

Abo Ismail Last Supper [16]

Abo Ismail Last Supper

And even the notorious Guy Behind Omar Suleiman [17] re-appeared, this time carrying an Abou Ismail poster:

About Ismail meets The Guy Behind Omar Soliman [18]

About Ismail meets The Guy Behind Omar Soliman

Finally, people did not forget to also make fun of Abou Ismail's infamous video [19], in which he claimed that PEPSI stands for Pay Every Penny to Save Israel:

Post Every Poster to Save Ismail [20]

Post Every Poster to Save Ismail

This post is part of our special coverage of Egypt Revolution 2011 [1].