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Syria: “The Day We Knew What It Meant to Be Syrian”

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This post is part of our special coverage Syria Protest 2011/12 [1].

Today, March 15, 2012, marks the first anniversary since the start of the Syrian uprising. One year after protests began in Damascus and Daraa, the Syrian opposition's fight against the Assad regime continues amidst global ambivalence toward the conflict.

On Twitter, Syrians and their allies utilized the #Syria and #March15 hashtags to commemorate the day, remember the country's martyrs, and reflect on the year behind them.

@SYRIAslyJana [2]: Its #March15 in #Syria…1 year ago the struggle for a dignified and free #Syria began, the promises we made still hold today.

@AmalHanano [3]: #March15, the day we finally knew what it meant to be Syrian. Next year, you'll be an official holiday: Eid Thawrat al-Karameh. #Syria

@JudieHOMS [4]: #Mar15 and the we are still fighting for our basic human rights as Syrians inside of #syria. May our 10K martyrs rest in peace.

@RaghdaSalama [5]: One year ago, Syrians have begun paving their road to freedom. Over 10000 lives have been lost. And we are all watching. #Syria

@Maysaloon [6]: I remember the first anti-regime protest I ever went to in London. I had never felt more alive and happier in my life.

@DarthNader [7]: What started as hope turned into somber realism as more and more ppl realized the lengths the regime would go to to crush dissent. #Mar15

@abuhatem [8]: A year ago I was very optimistic for Syria, a year later I have mixed feelings and am aware of the deep challenges but support the rev still

@RazanSpeaks [9]: I can't even bring myself to say anything ‘poetic’ because the reality is far from that. #Syria

This post is part of our special coverage Syria Protest 2011/12 [1].