3 March 2012

Stories from 3 March 2012

Serbia: First Conviction for Online Hate Speech

The High Court in Belgrade has recently brought its first conviction for online hate speech, sentencing Simo Vladičić to three months in prison and two years of probation for threatening members of the LGBT community via the Facebook group 500.000 Srba protiv gej parade/500,000 Serbs against gay parade in September...

Russia: Photos from Elections in Yakutsk

On the Yakutsk City Facebook page, local blogger Bolot Bochkarev (eYakutia is one of his projects) has started posting photos [ru] from the presidential and mayoral elections in the capital of the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic, which is six hours ahead of Moscow.

Colombia: Chief Prosecutor Viviane Morales Removed from Office

  3 March 2012

The State Council, a regulatory institution of the Supreme Court, declared the election of Chief Prosecutor Viviane Morales invalid, arguing that in December 2010 the Court's internal rules were violated, causing irregularities in the voting, as La silla Vacía [es] explained. The news became a local trending topic on Twitter...

Pakistan: Shia Genocide – Spreading From Karachi to Kohistan

  3 March 2012

The changing political course in Pakistan post-Osama Bin Laden denotes a new wave of terrorism unleashed on religious minorities, especially the Shiites. In the past year many Shiites spanning from Karachi to Kohistan have been specifically targeted and killed, which some analysts are terming as genocide.

Angola: Documentary “Death Metal Angola”

  3 March 2012

New York-based producers of a documentary called “Death Metal Angola”, about the emerging metal scene in Angola and a rock festival in the city of Huambo, are raising money for post-production costs on crowdfunding platform IndieGogo. The film's tagline: “The hardest hardcore is Angolan hardcore.”

Russia: Pre-Election Summaries

At OpenDemocracy.net, LJ user drugoi (Rustem Adagamov) “outlines how his trust in the outgoing president vanished and sums up the mood in Russia’s capital just days ahead of the country’s presidential election.” Sean Guillory of Sean's Russia Blog examines the “known knowns and unknown unknowns” of the upcoming vote and...