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Hungary: Tax Administration Investigates Citizen Activists

Categories: Eastern & Central Europe, Hungary, Citizen Media, Freedom of Speech, Governance, Law, Media & Journalism, Politics, Protest

Véleményvezér blog commented [1] [hu] on the news of the most popular citizen movement's activists being checked by the National Tax and Customs Administration, interpreting it as a sign of fear by the ruling party Fidesz: “Two years after [winning] a two-thirds [majority], they're already catching flies, they're chasing civil activists.” The movement being targeted now started from a Facebook page ‘One Million for the Freedom of Press in Hungary [2]‘ (aka Milla; hu; over 99,000 followers) and organized several rallies against the new media law and the government's politics. On the Hungarian national holiday [3] on March 15, Milla is planning to hold another rally.