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Azerbaijan: Khojaly Massacre Anniversary

Categories: Central Asia & Caucasus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ethnicity & Race, History, International Relations, War & Conflict

As Azerbaijanis worldwide, as well as Turks in Istanbul, commemorated the 20th Anniversary of the Khojaly massacre [1], the most serious during the fighting with Armenia in Nagorno Karabakh during the early 1990s which left 613 civilians dead, Tamada Tales comments on the release of the full transcript of an interview with Serge Sargsyan [2], currently the Armenian president, in which he admits the tragedy albeit while also mentioning that a humanitarian corridor had been left for Azerbaijani civilians to leave before ethnic Armenian forces entered the town. A day later Armenians also marked the 24th anniversary of the 1988 anti-Armenian pogrom [3] in the Azerbaijani industrial town of Sumgait.