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Greece: Photos, Videos and Liveblogs from Anti-Austerity Protests, Clashes in Athens

Categories: Western Europe, Greece, Citizen Media, Politics, Protest, War & Conflict

Photos [1] and videos [2] from the latest massive anti-austerity protests in downtown Athens on February 12, 2012, the extensive clashes that ensued and their aftermath were posted on Real Democracy Now, while 19 photosets [3] were uploaded on Demotix. Photos were also posted by Odysseas Galinos Paparounis [4] and John Carnessiotis [5] on Flickr [4], and on Athensville [6]. A video [7] showing an unprovoked police attack on a Thessaloniki rally went viral on Facebook. The events of the day were liveblogged in English by radiobubble [8] and Greek Left Review [9].