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Hong Kong, China: Netizens Mock the University of Hong Kong

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The University of Hong Kong [1] has finished a review report on the arrangement of China's Vice Premier Li Keqiang's [2] visit to the university last year for its centennial celebration, or the so-called Hong Kong 818 incident [3].

During the ceremony, the campus was sealed off by heavy police forces stationed among students and alumni present, and the scene of a student brutally held down by a group of police officers when he tried to join other protesters quickly stirred up public outrage.

The newly-released report now reveals that the ceremony was scheduled to coincide with the vice premier's visit [4], proving true much public speculation that the ceremony was carefully designed as a political “show” aimed at pleasing the Beijing government.

The comic below is a recreation of the university's logo [5] which has been widely circulated on Facebook this week. Replacing the symbol of the dragon-lion with the flag of China and the school motto, “Sapientia Et Virtus”, with “loyalty to the Party and to the State – the First People's University of Hong Kong City, Guangdong province” (忠黨愛國﹣廣東省香港市第一人民大學), the comic is a mocking reference to the downgrading of a what is currently an international university to that of a third-grade (city level) university in China. (I have shared the picture in my own Facebook Wall [6]).

A satirical comic widely circulated online about the Hong Kong 818 incident [6]

A satirical comic widely circulated online about the Hong Kong 818 incident