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Ukraine: Government Sites Under Attack; “Freedom to Ex.ua”

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The official websites of the President of Ukraine [1], the Cabinet of Ministers [2], the Internal Affairs Ministry [3], and the Party of Regions [4] are either completely down or work with interruptions today. Some of the coordination of the collective effort to take down governmental sites, apparently in response to yesterday's shutdown of Ex.ua [5], seems to be taking place on the “Freedom to Ex.ua [6]” Vkontakte page [uk, ru], which, according to Serhiy Pishkovtsiy [7] [uk] of Watcher.com.ua blog, “gathered nearly 7,000 followers in just a few hours” today; right now, there are 19,604 followers, and this number continues to grow every minute [update: 42,126 followers on Feb. 3].